Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hiroshima deux

The west is on the verge of a total implosion. I say this because every single destructive force is now at work in society, and all around us we can see this same society begin to crumble as the days go by.

There is nothing we can do.

No matter what we may think we can do, our future is determined and those who pull the strings in this world are not going to let good win this time. Feminism combined with consumerism is so destructive some think it to be the main cause of the fall of Rome, yet in today's "everything's gonna be just fine" culture, we can't even see that it's destroying the very foundation's of society.

Some call this evolution, but surely things progress when they evolve, they don't go backwards or 'de-evolve'. No, its definately not progress at all, the correct word would be digress. To digress is to change topics as such, and so one could say it is to change ones attention from one thing to another. Well that's exactly what the elite are doing in our society. True love, God, and general goodness aren't what these puppet masters want us to know of, and so they allow us to 'digress' or give us distraction's. These distractions are often so well thought out that they become embedded in the foundation's of our thinking, e.g victim culture and "You can have it all!". When you hear a woman screaming at how she wants equality, ask her who told her she didn't already have it ? She will pretty much instinctively tell you either the t.v or her friends. And this applies to men also, for instance when a man is not interested in sex he is deemed to no longer be a man. Yet for thousands of years sex has NEVER been the be all and end all of man's thought's. Some would argue this is simply because men were never allowed to 'show' how they felt in past societys, but I would disagree, as most great men actually had very little time for either women or sex with women. Checkout einstein and various other pioneers who's energy was ENTIRELY devoted to their work.

And so we see those who's values are held in even the most abhorable of religions succeeding more in this world than your average western man or woman. This is because they seek something more than just temporay satisfaction. They crave what all of us crave, that little bit extra from life, those miraculous experiences, seeing a ghost or finding everlasting peace.

Hiroshima killed many people during its explosion, but many, many more were killed by the slow decay of things around them, as radioactive substances seeped into everything and everyone. This is the same as our society, it is toxic, whatever country or peoples who accept our values and our way of life suddenly find their society on the decline, their birth rates plummet, whilst crime rates, taxes, and house prices skyrocket. In my opinion THIS is why radical muslims are fighting us, because they don't want to see their soceity crumble under the weight of its sins, is this so wrong ?

I'm no apologist for Islam, nor do I condone terrorism, but is is my firm belief that if something is worth fighting for then one should fight. And a God-fearing, warm hearted, kind and happy way of life are just one of the things I would fight for.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whatever next.

For Beijing men, it's in the handbag

Reading this article all I can say is.........

Whatever next ! I mean we already have male lipgloss, moisturiser, and other female related articles.

Men who have handbags are nothing but scum in my opinion, and if I ever saw one walking past me, I think I'd have an uncontrollable urge to laugh at them before kicking them in the groin to check if they still had one.

I hope this trend don't spread.

Big F'in Brother.

I had to do some serious thinking before publishing this post as I thought I would drive myself bored stupid in its making and so probably my readers too, however, I do believe it is relevant to certain points I am going make later on so I've published it anyway.

In case you have not heard. Which Is near impossible, the latest from the big brother house is a rather interesting situation.

First off I would like to point out that anyone who watches big brother for longer than ten minutes at a time is in my view, either ill, or totally abnormal, along with pitiful and/or thick.

Alleged racial abuse on 'Big Brother' stirs controversy in India.
There has apparrently been 'racist' behaviour going on in the house directed at the star Shilpa Shetty, a Bollywood actress. Some even say this racism is reflective of the general british population, which I seriosuly doubt.

Indeed looking at my own mixed race circle of friend's its easy to see so called 'racism', I mock them, and they mock me. The problem starts once again with the government and various media outlets making a mountain out of a molehill or so to speak. I find it funny when I'm being taunted by black friends in the pub, and they too laugh when I proceed to use my wit against them. This is NOT racist.

I do not wish to delve into every intimate detail of the above Big bro incident as it will prove irrelevant to my future point, however to get an idea of whats being said, go here.

What I want to talk about though is not whether or not it is racism, or even who is right and who is wrong. No I want to point out something that is so obvious, yet many are yet to notice it.

Ask yourself, what, in general is the 'gender' of the 'worst' housemates ?

Erm, that would be women, then. Yes. All but none of the hate that is flung around the house is started by females ! Why is this so ? My theory goes somewhat like this, and It's amusingly short.

My theory is simple, modern 'famous', 'western' women are tossers, not worth a dime, and toxic to all those within their surrounding areas and zones. Indeed the very fact that this program is watched mostly by white western women actually shows that they like to watch this stuff, which leads me to jump to another conclusion. Maybe women have had their very conscience knocked out of them by feminism. They do not fear anything, because they pretty much bear ZERO responsibility for their actions in our society. Bitchiness in women is simply because they CAN say anything they want about anyone and KNOW they will get away with it. To revert back to the big bro scenario, when watching, it actually appears that most of the women simply don't even know they are in the wrong, they just cannot see that they might be the ones in the wrong, or even if they do, they are certainly not displaying it because that would mean owning up and accepting responsibility which they will never do.

This is reflective of most of the women of our generation, who were bought up with slogans such as "You can have it all!" "you go girl!" and my all time favourite "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them". These women have got ego's bigger than most dictator's and they use them rather like dictators too. Trying to convince women they are wrong is indeed very akin to attempting to pursuade hitler that Jew's made good music for example. They just won't accept it, because their ideological purpose is of course "ME ME ME !".

Women's morale compass these days is so screwed up I would even wager that if Tony Blair were giving free handbags to the widows of soldiers in Iraq many men would suddenly find their wives urging them to go to war !

Big brother is shit, I know. But at least it constantly reveals what we already know, that modern western women are shitbags through and through. The reason I say modern western women, is because quite clearly Shilpa Shetty the 'eastern' actress is in my opinion much more ladylike, and almost every man I know, whether white or black or asian, would marry her a million times before even giving a glance to the vermin that are the rest of the housemates. And indeed her coolness and patience with the other housemates seemed to have bolstered her rating's too.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I blame feminism !

I came across an interesting woman in the pub last night, she was blithering on about how woman are the victims of quite literally EVERYTHING. You name it, she was oppressed by it.

However what struck me was that 'feminism' was included in her list of oppressive 'things'. *SHOCK*, *HORROR*, I gasped, what could possibly be going on in that woman's mind if she believed both the patriarchy AND feminism to be oppressing her ! In silent thought I sat there listening and contemplating just what made such a woman tick, examining her every word for signs of a strange alien sentience residing within her foul hide.

What did I find ?

To put it simply, a mask.

Everything she said was a masked detour from what she actually wanted to say, or at least that's what I could conclude after two pints, twenty fags, and a headache's worth of listening to her. She WAS in fact a self professed feminist ! She deliriosly thought that the 'patriarchy' had overrun the leadership of the feminist machine and was now choosing to reverse her 'freedoms'.
I sat sniggering away for a while at the above notion and came to the obvious conclusion that she was in fact a total headcase. Strange thing is though, the women listening to her were nodding in agreement, as if they had all just uncovered a mass conspiracy ! I began to drift into what at the time, seemed like a dream, full of foreign languages, and narcisstic women revelling in their own disgust. Until, I was awoke by the following sentence, "I blame men" snorted the woman, "They're responsible for all evils in this world why not this one too?" she continued.

My pint shuddered, and my twenty-first cigarette seemed to light itself, a sense of pure anger flamed inside of me. I awaited the answer from her friends....."Men aren't that bad" replied one, "They just can't seem to do anything right, its not their fault". To that another interrupted, "And whose fault is it then, cause it sure ain't mine". And back into the dreamland I drifted, whilst five women were arguing over whether or not men or women were responsible for more evil in the world.

I awoke a second time with the sound of my own voice, "I blame feminism !" I screeched. But to no reply. No reply came because this time I found myself awaking in my own room at my house, with noubt but the walls to hear me. I must have got so pissed and bored whilst listening to those twats last night that I just stumbled all the way home and forgot completely the relavence of my encounter.

As I began to remember though, my conclusion to the whole situation arose, DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH ANY WOMEN WHO SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THEY ARE OPPRESSED !

And as a man I thought I would share this controversial idea with other men. It's called MGTOW, its not a religion, it's not political, it's not a grand money making scheme (Though it may benefit you in that way), no, it is none of these, for MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way is a way of life, a lifestyle if you like. And one that seems the only lifestyle choice men can 'choose' if they are to succesfully succeed in our post-modern, socialist, democratic, but most of all SHITE society.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

To backtrack, and instinct ?

A recent post of mine concerning a misogynist article in the times newspaper, has seen many men post intellligent opinion's in the comment's section of the article.


As I expected the women reacted without explanation or justification, they reacted purely upon instinct. This absolutely shows how brainwashed the women of the 21st century truly are. And guess what ?! It's your job to try and correct this. Now, I've heard many people scorching on about how this is women's problems, and how they must deal with it, but, and I'm sorry to say that two letter word, BUT, as men, yes, men, it is our duty to once again be the "fixers".

Ever had an argument with someone where you just KNEW you were right ! Though somehow at the time you just couldn't quite put into words what you wanted to say. "If only I've have said this" you would recall, "Maybe if I'd have said SOMETHING" you realised. But the fact of the matter is.........You didn't. No. You didn't say diddly squat when the time came to it, you flapped it and flew off. Well now is the time of your reckoning friends of men, because as they official keeper of this most awesome of blogs, I would like to give you a new command ! Yes, a new one ! All you married folks out there get ANOTHER command on top of the current 200 from your walking twat, sorry, wife. What is my new command, I hear my servants greedily ask ? My new command ladies and gentleman is to COMMENT ! Indeed, COMMENT all you can, on every article there is ! Did you know that on average an article in the times recieves 24 comments ? Did you also know that (and no I can't prove this but just read.) popular men's blogs receive THOUSANDS of visitors per day, on average. Now if i were to just put two an two together I might here come up with FOUR ! Or in better case FOUR THOUSAND. Imagine that, eh folks, one thousand comments from angry Mra's in every newspaper article there was. Now that would grab attention.

SO do it PUNKS.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A measure of success

What is your measure of success ? Do you measure your success upon how much you earn ? Your intelligence ? Your good looks ? Perhaps even how good your partner looks ?

Are you satisfied fully by any of the above measures of success ?

It is highly unlikely that you are.

People set goals, and then they either achieve them or they don't. This should NOT be your measure of success. Whether you pass a test or fail it should not affect how you look upon yourself. The simple fact that you have DONE the test should be your measure of success.

I've found the most content people to be people who live by that way of thinking.

Some people like to travel the world, other's like art, and want to see much of it. Still others prefer trying to design new things e..g inventors and pioneers. Other's may want to climb the corporate ladder simply so they can boast they have done so. What will eventually matter the most though is not what you have GOT, but what you have DONE.

Feminism caused the majority of women to think that without careers, they would never be happy. This COULD have been true, but what they forgot (e.g deliberately) to tell those same females was that, by having a career they were less likely to find a providing man, and run an effective household. INSTEAD they shouted the mantra of "You can have it all!". Which of course anyone with even a grain of common sense would immediately realise was IMPOSSIBLE. This was a most evil and cruel trick they played on women, who naievely proceeded to stampede the workforces and lower wages, whilst at the same time skyrocket house prices and drive up the cost of living. Yes, big business had won 10-0 that day, because all along they knew they were going to make a profit, and we must never forget the power of money, so much so that I'm driven to ask even myself 'What could I be brought for ?'

Ten-thousand quid maybe ?

Forty thousand ?

A million ?

Indeed what would someone have to pay you for you to speak out against common sense ?

It is for this very reason we have,

Heads of human resource departments
Police officers who don't actually police anything.
Corrupt Judges
Corrupt Media
Famous Feminist's
even Celebrities can be bought for a price when needed.
A minister for women ?!?

I could go on, but I won't for the sake of boring you too much.

Activism's edge

We have the mindset, we have the blog's and websites (Our form of media), what we don't have is the literal activism.

Well I suppose we did have a couple of feats bravely done by fathers4Justice last year, and a couple of other media-grabbing events by various pissed of blokes around the world. But I put this to you, how does OUR activism compare with that of early feminist's or early black right's campaigners ? What feats has the Mra movement delivered really ? The question i'm going to pose to you is this, How much do you seriously believe feminist's are affecting YOUR life ?

The early feminist's seriously BELIEVED that men were oppressing them, and they would do ANYTHING including riot their way down streets and burn bra's etc etc to change that. Well guess what, they succeeded, much to the dismay of everyone in the west except big business and politics. It was the activism that grabbed the attention of people. And it's exactly this type of punch-line activism that would skyrocket the men's rights movement into the public sphere. The only reason they had the guts to perform their activism was because they believed, or in the case of blacks, KNEW, they were being oppressed. When you KNOW you are being oppressed you only really have two choices, to submit, or to resist ! Martin Luther King certainly didn't submit.

The feminist media is probably responsible for your self-doubt too. You know, that nagging feeling you get that you simply can't do anything about your current situation, that you are simply gonna have to wait for a hero to come along, a superman if you like, to save the world. Well I hate to be the one to tell you this, but YOU are the Superman, although in your current state your just not very super. Yes, it's your choice whether or not you want to be a second class citizen in the society that YOUR foreFATHERS built !

Just how oppressed must us men become before we stand up and tell our oppressors where to go.

Many a man has told me that they would really like things to change, but that they're just not capable of undergoing regular embarassment and hate to get there, to which my simple reply is "your not going to get 'there' then" . It's true, with all positive shifts forward, we must accept it won't be easy.

A few Ideas

A few simple ideas spring to mind for the most basic of activism. Some i've borrowed and others believe me or not, i've actually observed in practise.

1.) A friend of mine who is attending a college, printed off hundreds of 'posters' if you will with the addresses of Men's rights blogs and websites and stuck them up in full view of the 'thousands'' who attend his college. This has Unlimited variations.

2.) I saw someone wearing a t-shirt with a slogan designed to capture the viewers attention. Again perfect for the men's rights movement, and there are plenty of conservative or anti-feminist t-shirts out there.

3.) Car bumper stickers, and window stickers, or desktop items that invite the attention of passers by.

4.) Literal activism, make a decision to ask someone the following question once or twice a day, "How do you like being a second class citizen?" Do NOT care about their reply, just make sure they hear you. If your not confident enough, try just dropping it in a conversation your having with one of your close friends.

5.) Anyone with access to media skills should utilise them to the utmost. Youtube is ideal for broadcasting well thought out propaganda to the masses of people who use it.

6.) As above but taken one further, print off posters, or recorded videotapes and simply spam them through letterboxes, or leave them in locations of interest. Or even advertise them.

7.) Speak up ! Whenever you hear someone slagging off your sex, or complaining about how bad off they are in society, proceed to enlighten them with your infinite wisdom. Pretend you are a type of Jesus, you may not be liked, but you are doing THEM a favour.

8.) In all cases whereby you are offered the opportunity to reveal the plight of men, take them. Be opportunistic.

9.) Have a delve into the various propaganda used by governments in the buildup to wars, and you will SEE how EFFECTIVE it really is. And sometimes quite frightening.

10.) Your a man, think of something !

Lastly i'll leave a couple of propaganda pieces by OUR government in the various stages of this century especially the wars to give you an idea of how effective and ruthless propaganda can be. Using the right phraseology and images can deeply affect the mind of the viewer.

An Interesting Site

Found this Very Interesting site whilst out on the browse today. It is highly political so you'll either love it or hate it, though it is rather amusing either way.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A story of bravery

'If you move, Sir, one of us is going to die'

"When he saw a man fall into the path of a New York subway train, Wesley Autrey did not hesitate.
The 50-year-old building worker jumped down on to the track and tried desperately to haul him to safety.

But the man, who had suffered a seizure, struggled. And as certain death roared towards them, Mr Autrey made a decision of breathtaking courage.

Instead of saving himself, he pushed the man down into the space between the tracks and lay on top of him, wrapping his arms and legs tightly around him.

With the train just feet away, he told 20-year- old Cameron Hollopeter: 'Please sir, don't move. If you move, one of us is going to lose a leg or die.'

Next second, the first carriage thundered over them before the train screeched to a halt. On the platform, Mr Autrey's two young daughters were among the crowd who had seen the heart-stopping moment and feared the worst.

Then Mr Autrey's voice rang out from below, calling for silence. And as a hush fell, he shouted: 'Tell my little girls that Daddy is okay and the man is okay!' Delighted onlookers burst into applause. "

This is why we NEED men !

Boys in Education

Boys really DO need to learn without girls

Well, well, well, what do we have here,

"Boys should be taught separately from girls to help them to achieve the same level of academic success, a report said today. "

That is not, however what politicians have been saying for the past ten years or so, in fact, for the last few years the exact opposite has been poured out. Things like "Gender neutrality in schools" and "Diversity". Instead its been left to the likes of those with real intelligence in this world (Clue : NOT politicians) to use their common sense and work out that boys DO need a different learning environment to girls.

"The recommendation follows the publication of GCSE results last summer which showed boys only just achieving the same level of performance reached by girls seven years ago. "

Sounds pretty awful doesn't it, well thats because it is !

Yet I'm almost positive that the feminist's in education will still not heed this warning, instead they will do what they always do, try and find someone to blame. My current expectation is this, They will of course blame men, they will try and make out that not enough men are teachers, because men are 'scared' of the children, perhaps they will even use the tried and tested, 'men are scared of working in a female dominated environment' catchphrase. But of course that will only drive more men away from wanting to work in such an testosterone-scarce place of work. The corruption of Britains education system is, in my humble opinion, already beyond repair anyway, just look at all the sex assaults on children and staff going on, they should try and sort that stuff out before anything else. The biggest most important thing anyone anywhere could do to help with this situation is simply recognise the primary CAUSE of it.

The cause of course being various feminist induced changes in the education system, designed NOT to better GIRLS, but to HINDER BOYS. Yes thats right I said it, I don't think the girls have 'improved' all that much, even with all the help they've been getting. Girls may be way ahead of boys, but that could simply imply boys are way 'behind' girls. I hope your following here, its like in a race between a cat and a dog, if they both take two steps forward, but then the cat takes two steps back, the dog isn't necessarily 'ahead' as much as the cat is 'behind'. Got that. Thanks to excessive amounts of coursework which as any parent will tell you, drives boys mental, the boys are attaining lower grades, which when coupled with a change in exam styles, to shorter 'tick box' style exam papers further dis-encourages boys to try hard. And then most of all, you have the occasional feminist history teacher spouting forth bullshit just before hometime, "Have a safe trip home now girls, and stay away from those nasty boys!".

Interestingly as I was browsing through the comments, I found this to be rather amusing.

"Children should have the right to mix with the opposite gender, and if anyone's bringing anyone down, it's the boys bringing us girls down. Why can't the government learn that children have a say???- Katherine, 11, England"

Sounds an awful lot like and eleven year old to me doesn't it, I mean I know plenty of eleven year old girls that find their interest in gender politics and education. It sounds to me more like this is the Daily Mail's comment's section's version of a troll. And if its not, then well they can rest assured the boys will be bringing the girls down soon, one way or another.

Love, etc

Just when I'd started to smile upon thoughts of the fall of the empire of feminism, I was absolutely horrified to see this article from The Times, It's labelled under the Love, etc category for women, and its content is utterley misandric. Read through my dear readers and contemplate yourself whether you'd want your daughter's/sisters/WIVES reading the likes of the following two paragraph's.

"Not that the divorce came as much of a surprise. One of the selling points of marriage to a woman used to be that it would provide security for her into her old age, teeth, lines and jowls notwithstanding. By contrast, approximately half of contemporary marriages will end in divorce — so she can strike security from her list marked pro.

Another selling point was protection: the wide-shouldered, steely-jawed, testosterone-fuelled barrier between a woman and harm’s way. Today, if we are to believe research from some women’s organisations, a quarter of wives will suffer at the hands of the protector himself. Whether this represents an increase in domestic violence or just in its reporting we cannot know; its prominence in public awareness, however, cannot but add to the notes of caution. "

You hear that folks, a quarter of wives will suffer at the hands of the protecter himself e.g YOU !

It does I suppose cunningly use the phrase 'If we are to believe', which implies the author most certainly DOES believe and therefore you should too. I don't believe it though do you, Unless you're a serious mangina, or women's studies professor you surely could not believe that out of your four married male friends, one of them is beating his partner, or to put it in her terms, is 'suffering at their hands'.

Articles like these really tick me off, and they should you too, because any decency our womanfolk MAY have left in them is being casually eroded away by hate-filled articles like these and though we all know that suffering is inevitable in this long hard battle of ours, for some striking reason within me, it still occasionaly pains me to know that the people we are fighting really could not give a toss about male - female gender relations at all. It is then of course, that my resolve becomes stronger, and I vow to remove these vermin off of our planet before they cause too much damage.

Tell you what though, there is one hell of gem at the end of this article, ready to laugh your collective arses off.

"At the other end of the financial scale, new indignities are piling up. In my own social circle we already have three instances of this: the woman married in the time-honoured way. Fuelled by that crazy little thing called love, houses were bought in joint names. Then, taking advantage of evolving career opportunities for women, the woman became the main breadwinner; he idled around, she did the day job as well as raising the children, until he not only buggered off with another but took with him half of the value of the home for which she had effectively paid everything, leaving her in significantly reduced circumstances. "

Well now, women never leave men 'in significantly reduced circumstances' do they ? And this guy took with him only half the value of the home, for a woman that would have been a loss, she would have at least expected the entire home, kids, car, and anything her eyes had lay upon. It's funny how this has only been mentioned because its a man hurting a woman, the usual male = perpetrator, female = victim stance which crops up everywhere. Whenever the above situation is reversed the papers normally still make it out to be the man's fault, i.e he drove her too it by being violent etc etc.


I would encourage you all to leave comments............,,23789-2526429.html

Women drinkers 'depression link'

The link between binge drinking and depression is stronger in women than men, a study suggests.

"US and Canadian researchers quizzed 6,009 men and 8,054 women about alcohol intake and their history of depression.
They found women who were binge drinkers were more likely to be clinically depressed than men."

And just how many more ill-effects must a high intake of alcohol have on women before the feminist's realise their biological make-up is not equal to that of a man's.

I've wrote about this before, this is nature's way of saying "Fuck you too !" when the femo's start tampering with evolutionary biology or nature.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Those never ending demands !

Demand's, demand's and more demand's, that's what terrorists who hijack planes seek isn't it ? Well, most of the time it is anyway, the strange thing is though, even terrorist's know when their demands are totally unreasonable.

Unlike, feminist women, whose demands are not just unreasonable, they are totally unfathomable to anyone with common sense ! For instance the demand that men still adhere to chivalry, even when total equality exists between the sexes, is of course, blatant sexism !

But the demand's keep coming, and its not always the feminist women themsleves doing the demanding, it can also be traitorous lawmakers and politicians who support feminism on the sly who will also issue out demands on men. How about a very recent demand that men not have sex with drunk women, because it constitutes rape ! If you live in the Uk, I'm sure you may be wondering what more this government can do before it just comes out and says "I hate fucking men!" all over national television and radio.

Strange thing is though, as Angry harry recently noted, you will do nothing to stop this.

In fact, not only will you do nothing to stop this, but sometimes you will even pretend it isn't happening at all in order to let yourself get a good night sleep. Maybe even when a female friend or coworker asks your opinion on this matter, you will sheepishly act as if you don't care in some futile attempt to show your battered masculinity. My question is why ?

If you would just look around and see for yourself the pain and misery that these very laws and their founders are causing, maybe then you would speak out against them. Or maybe you simply don't know how to stop the onslaught in which case your probably in the more popular group of men who simply think we must put up with this nonsense until by magic it dissapears one night. Well to that I say "Stop dreaming you foolish sheeple!", thats what they want you to believe, because that way they can continue to push these vile laws further and further until the very breath of a man becomes illegal, and you think i'm kidding, if some feminist's had they're way, you're genitals would have been under the guillotine along time ago !

2007 is here......

Ahh The year two thousand and seven is here, and to me, there is a strange aura of REAL new beginnings this year, not least quitting smoking and all the other obvious little undertakings I myself shall try to adhere to. No, not these relatively irrelevant happenings, but something bigger, much bigger, so big in fact, that society itself will be changed by its happening.

Some of you are already guessing at what I may be referring to here, could the second coming be this year ? Perhaps Global Warming will change our planet this summer ? Perhaps World government will officially be installed worldwide ? Maybe even the men's movement will be officially recognised as a movement !


None of the above, though don't come running to me if any of the above do happen, as I am in no way claiming the skills of a Prophet !

What is it then ? I hear you ask, or shout, depending how shit your matriarchal life of hell is at this particular moment in space time.


Yes thats right, men.

The men's movement may not gain standing, nor may it change its form, but as I have long pondered, men, well they just might. Change I mean. Indeed, it is my firm belief that this year heralds the turning of the tide in the minds of men. This year may yet be the year when feminism's pendulum finally meets gravity and stops swinging through Men's rights and dignity's. "Nah way !" you could reply, "Feminism's still got go in it yet!", Never have I denied that feminism has still got 'go' in it ! What I have long denied is the power of men !

I've been recently excavating a few old school books of mine and as per usual began quickly flicking through the pages in the hope of remembering the humorous times when I should have been studying them, but wasn't, as of course for a boy to be cool at school, study just had to go ! Anyhow whilst tucking in to various times in history, one thing struck me quite hard. Throughout history various evil regimes and ideas have been forcibly implemented upon various peoples of our world, and what's most interesting is that people, especially those who could do something about the situation e.g men, 'put up with them' or so to speak. Yes, interestingly enough, almost every evil is 'put up with' for a while ! Why is this ?! I queeried. With my only hint of an answer being in the very pages I was reading from, I did the only thing I could do, I read the whole book. And what an astonishing and most enlightening discovery I made......

Evil endured, so it could be evil !

Or to put it in easier to understand terms, If evil was not allowed to actually BE EVIL, then correct me if I'm wrong, but no-one could actually KNOW it was Evil could they? If evil old Mao had copped off before his evil doings, he would not have been known to be evil, except maybe to close friends, of which I doubt he had many. Same applies to all evils, they must commit their atrocities to be known and proven, well, EVIL ! It fits well to religous minds too, as to them its almost like God lets evil reign for a time so he can then judge them fairly by what evil they commit !

When the time is right, there is always an uprising, an usurping, or a full blown rebellion, its never why or why not, its when.

Which brings me back to the year twenty zero seven, or in fact the year before it, yes 2006, the year when the flame of men's anger was subtley stirred perhaps to its boiling point, and we didn't just have men climbing parliament, and sitting on people's rooftops, what we had was the backlash of the silent kind, with men's blogs popping up here there and everywhere, even the occasional enlightened words from fellow men we encountered in our life's daily cycle, yes the precursor to a change. Put it this way, if the trend of men coming to visit blogs such as mine and other already infamous blogs, many listed on my sidebar, if this trend continues, then by the end of this year alone, whole cities will have read what us guys have to say ! And that's an ecouraging thought.

Two thousand and seven is fresh, therefore the history of the year will be what us folks have done by the end of it...........