Friday, February 23, 2007


Firstly and most importantly feminism is not, nor ever has been about equality, period. The first feminist's were not golden women who wanted equality but then got overrun and turned radical. No. That's not the case at all.

Instead it goes something more like this,

(The first wave of feminism went) me me me me,

(second wave) Me Me Me Me

(and finally the third wave echoed) ME ME ME ME !!!!!!!!^&^*((^%$£. (only louder and much more aggressively)

Feminism was designed with the specific aim to make women believe they could actually GET anything they wanted for free, as is clearly seen by the sheer elusiveness of female responsibility these days. Yes feminism was somewhat brilliant in that those clever people behind it KNEW they could not just preach man-hatred all day and be considered sane. No, they knew that they had to preach that BY man-hating, you will GAIN something, or in feminism's case my imaginary slogan would be more like this "By following feminism (hating men), you can HAVE IT ALL".
I do have some sympathy for first generation feminist's though, I seriously don't believe any of them actually thought that there movement would become the movement that rules that women tennis players would be payed THE SAME MONEY for playing ONLY THREE SETS in comparison to MEN'S FIVE SETS. I think those early feminist's might not know what to think about where there precious movement has taken them.

I've read some EXTREMELY interesting theories as to why women should be payed as much as men for doing less work. Though I do take note that not one of them had more than an atom of common sence ingrained into them. Take for example the oppression argument that many feminist's cite when talking of the pay issue, "Women are oppressed and discriminated against and therefore should be payed as much as men due to them having to put up with oppression". Simply not true though is it, AND, lets for a moment let loose of our logical minds and imagine that women were oppressed in tennis, ask yourself the following, WOULD AN INSTITUTION THAT OPPRESSES WOMEN OFFER TO PAY WOMEN FOR THEIR OPPRESSION ? Read that again. How exactly can they now shout discrimination has TAKEN place ?

Another point often brought up by feminist's is the famous 'women in football' argument, which holds to the same peculiar notion that because people are simply not interested in women's football, there must therefore be systematic oppression taking place. Get over yourselves please, women's football is utterely a drain to the eyes when compared to men's football. Can you imagine thousands and thousands of rough, placard toting football fans chanting "GO ON DAISY, GO ON DAISY!". I can't. I can however imagine those same football fans chanting "Get your tits out, get your tits out for the lads!!" with a fervent pitch I might add.

I would love someone to invent a logic gun, or some way of injecting logic into a person, if the whole world were more logical wimbledon would be simmering in ashes after hearing the above news.

In fact I've already began to design my very own..............


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. It's all this political correctness horseshit. Which is actually a neat little trick to control free speech, and therefore people's thoughts.

PC bollocks seems to have replaced logic, fact and common sense in the majority of the population.

People need waking up from the FeMatrix.

6:19 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever read.
Feminism IS about equality Yeah EQUALITY. Not saying 'me me me'. Suffragists wanted the human right to vote, and women now want control over their own bodies.
And if you have to sit around and blog about how terrible feminists are and women in general, then you should really take a good long look in the mirror.
I realize that one measly comment won't change your mind, delete this if you will, but know that not everyone agrees with you, even men.

9:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve,You are a mangina idiot. Yes, many men, like you, unfortunately support feminazi-ism, and a lot of gyno-centric, man-stereotyping nonsense. When feminists, and/or the nations laws discriminate against YOU, you may finally wise up. Get a clue...

4:38 am  
Anonymous J said...

first-wave feminism was about giving women the right to vote. I don't see how this could negatively affect men (did giving black people the vote negatively affect whites?). Maybe wanting a vote is the same as going 'me me me' - but that just means that men, especially white men, have always been going 'me me me'.

9:29 am  

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