Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentines day looms oh so near.

Valentines day looms oh so near and guess what ? Not one man I know is looking forward to it.

Yet speaking to women I know indicates that women are excited about it !

"Why exactly could this be ?" I sat thinking to myself as I listened to two women talking about what they 'hoped' their hubby's/boyfriends were going to get them.

Whilst this is not a direct transcript of the conversation, its as close as I can recall it.

Woman a) : "I'm pretty sure he's got something really nice planned this year, last year we didn't really do much."

woman b) : "What was it you did last year then ?"

Woman a) : "He took me ice skating and then out for a meal, it was Ok I suppose but he'd given me the feeling before hand that we were going to be doing something really special."

Woman b) :"My boyfriend said he is gonna take me out somewhere nice this year, I hope it's somewhere nice"

woman a) :"What are you getting him this year?"

woman b) :"I've bought myself some really sexy underwear and i'm gonna give him the best night he has ever known when we get home, I have got really expensive chocolates for us aswell !"

woman a) :"Me and you are so alike! That's pretty much what I was gonna do this year, I did it last year and he really did enjoy it i think"

woman b) :"I'm hoping the meals nice though, or he aint gettin nothing "

*giggles and laughter ensue*

woman a) :"Same here"

*more giggles*


My blood boiled as I thought about the sheer lack of LOGIC in the above convo.

In case your thick as pigs***e and you havn't deciphered the obvious inequality's these two women are in favour of then I'll briefly sum it up. In fact I could only use one word, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.


prostitution = noun [U]

the business of having sex for money

(from Cambridge Dictionary of American English)

Read the above convo again and ask yourself if there is any suggestion that the man is paying for sex.

He most certainly is isn't he.

Maybe it should be called P-day, standing for a day inwhich prostitution becomes wholly legal............

Maybe, just maybe, thats why the guys don't look forward to it as much as the women do ?

What's worse, IF these two women are even similar to women as a majority then theoretically it would actually be cheaper to actually go to a real prostitute. The difference in money spent would be marginal to say the least !

Do men not see this, or are we as a sex, just destined to worship the princess that is western woman. Perhaps if men just refused to take part in valentines day then just about 90% of the thirty years or so of feminist dogma could be reversed. Oh wait, I'm awfully sorry, your men aren't you, just animals to be bled dry until your master(s) decree that your no longer needed now as a cuter puppy has come along, a puppy with gold rims and a diamond on its collar..........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Valentines Day what a joke, it is really for bord married couples and needy men and women a like. I don't give a fuck about Valentines Day saves me money. I know other men agree.


8:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know any men that think it's anything special, and if I did, it would be my manly duty to drag them out of the quicksand they were sinking into.

Got a definition of prostitution here.

9:53 pm  
Anonymous darkbhudda said...

It's not quite prostitution though.

Most prostitutes tell you their price before hand. Most women are a whim driven emotional minefield so you have no idea what the price is or if you figure it out it immediately changes.

4:36 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Extortion & prostitution, all warp up into one. Or you can call it a type of scheme.

Extortion (n)

2. Excessive Charging: the charging of an excessive amount of money for something (informal)

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

4:19 am  
Blogger Save Men's spaces said...

do you really think that men need women. They certainly don't need them for romance and only marginally for sex. The sexual need of mammalian male for females is highly scant, once in several years. The rest that is found among human males, rather, western males, is: conditioned, forced and pretense. That's why human societies have so many social mechanisms to force men to exaggerate their sexual need for women.

And that is what men's liberation should actually strive for. Liberate man from women sexually. Because this slavery is not natural but made by societies. And, it was not for the benefit of men, but to exploit men to increase reproduction and hence population.

This over-dependance on women sexually cannot come about unless men are empowered again to love men, which too is normal for all straight men. We only need to refer to the times before Christ for this (the ancient Greeks). All male-dominated socities, even today, strongly curtail sex with women, but give a safe haven to sexuality between men.

11:04 am  
Anonymous WTF1920 said...

Valentines Day is just another day in the forest (hunting) for me.

However, for other people it's a way for flower companies to sell their expensive-as-hell gold dipped roses and gourmet chocolate. It's a marketing ploy...that's all it is. And woman steer right into it. Stupid. Just stupid.

Fuck that.

2:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comment on the two women's conversation is reasonable, I don't like some attitudes about Valentine's day myself. My husband and I do not celebrate V-day anymore as his grandfather died on V-day 09, for V-day 08 though, let me tell you what we did. I cleaned the whole apartment, made a delicious dinner for us with heart-shaped brownies for dessert, paid especial care to making myself as pretty as possible, and got nice clothes ready for him to wear when he came home from work. After dinner settled I gave him a full-body massage and he reciprocated. What we did after that is not for public knowledge, but we both definitely enjoyed ourselves. :) He brought home a lovely bouquet of roses and a box of my favorite chocolates, price value totaling maybe $20. The ingredients for the dinner and dessert cost that much, I'd guess. Does that sound like a nice Valentines day to you?

2:57 am  

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