Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hiroshima deux

The west is on the verge of a total implosion. I say this because every single destructive force is now at work in society, and all around us we can see this same society begin to crumble as the days go by.

There is nothing we can do.

No matter what we may think we can do, our future is determined and those who pull the strings in this world are not going to let good win this time. Feminism combined with consumerism is so destructive some think it to be the main cause of the fall of Rome, yet in today's "everything's gonna be just fine" culture, we can't even see that it's destroying the very foundation's of society.

Some call this evolution, but surely things progress when they evolve, they don't go backwards or 'de-evolve'. No, its definately not progress at all, the correct word would be digress. To digress is to change topics as such, and so one could say it is to change ones attention from one thing to another. Well that's exactly what the elite are doing in our society. True love, God, and general goodness aren't what these puppet masters want us to know of, and so they allow us to 'digress' or give us distraction's. These distractions are often so well thought out that they become embedded in the foundation's of our thinking, e.g victim culture and "You can have it all!". When you hear a woman screaming at how she wants equality, ask her who told her she didn't already have it ? She will pretty much instinctively tell you either the t.v or her friends. And this applies to men also, for instance when a man is not interested in sex he is deemed to no longer be a man. Yet for thousands of years sex has NEVER been the be all and end all of man's thought's. Some would argue this is simply because men were never allowed to 'show' how they felt in past societys, but I would disagree, as most great men actually had very little time for either women or sex with women. Checkout einstein and various other pioneers who's energy was ENTIRELY devoted to their work.

And so we see those who's values are held in even the most abhorable of religions succeeding more in this world than your average western man or woman. This is because they seek something more than just temporay satisfaction. They crave what all of us crave, that little bit extra from life, those miraculous experiences, seeing a ghost or finding everlasting peace.

Hiroshima killed many people during its explosion, but many, many more were killed by the slow decay of things around them, as radioactive substances seeped into everything and everyone. This is the same as our society, it is toxic, whatever country or peoples who accept our values and our way of life suddenly find their society on the decline, their birth rates plummet, whilst crime rates, taxes, and house prices skyrocket. In my opinion THIS is why radical muslims are fighting us, because they don't want to see their soceity crumble under the weight of its sins, is this so wrong ?

I'm no apologist for Islam, nor do I condone terrorism, but is is my firm belief that if something is worth fighting for then one should fight. And a God-fearing, warm hearted, kind and happy way of life are just one of the things I would fight for.


Anonymous darkbhudda said...

Some call this evolution, but surely things progress when they evolve, they don't go backwards or 'de-evolve'.

Evolution is as much as removal of dead evolutionary trees as it is about adapting to new environments.

So if Western society has fallen so low that it is unsalvalgeable, then good riddens. We have survived previous feminist incursions, they never lasted long. However, the latest technologies have allowed politicians to extend their influence into all aspects of our lives. And thanks to the modern media, cultural memes, no matter how erroneous, continue to propogate.

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