Thursday, January 18, 2007

Big F'in Brother.

I had to do some serious thinking before publishing this post as I thought I would drive myself bored stupid in its making and so probably my readers too, however, I do believe it is relevant to certain points I am going make later on so I've published it anyway.

In case you have not heard. Which Is near impossible, the latest from the big brother house is a rather interesting situation.

First off I would like to point out that anyone who watches big brother for longer than ten minutes at a time is in my view, either ill, or totally abnormal, along with pitiful and/or thick.

Alleged racial abuse on 'Big Brother' stirs controversy in India.
There has apparrently been 'racist' behaviour going on in the house directed at the star Shilpa Shetty, a Bollywood actress. Some even say this racism is reflective of the general british population, which I seriosuly doubt.

Indeed looking at my own mixed race circle of friend's its easy to see so called 'racism', I mock them, and they mock me. The problem starts once again with the government and various media outlets making a mountain out of a molehill or so to speak. I find it funny when I'm being taunted by black friends in the pub, and they too laugh when I proceed to use my wit against them. This is NOT racist.

I do not wish to delve into every intimate detail of the above Big bro incident as it will prove irrelevant to my future point, however to get an idea of whats being said, go here.

What I want to talk about though is not whether or not it is racism, or even who is right and who is wrong. No I want to point out something that is so obvious, yet many are yet to notice it.

Ask yourself, what, in general is the 'gender' of the 'worst' housemates ?

Erm, that would be women, then. Yes. All but none of the hate that is flung around the house is started by females ! Why is this so ? My theory goes somewhat like this, and It's amusingly short.

My theory is simple, modern 'famous', 'western' women are tossers, not worth a dime, and toxic to all those within their surrounding areas and zones. Indeed the very fact that this program is watched mostly by white western women actually shows that they like to watch this stuff, which leads me to jump to another conclusion. Maybe women have had their very conscience knocked out of them by feminism. They do not fear anything, because they pretty much bear ZERO responsibility for their actions in our society. Bitchiness in women is simply because they CAN say anything they want about anyone and KNOW they will get away with it. To revert back to the big bro scenario, when watching, it actually appears that most of the women simply don't even know they are in the wrong, they just cannot see that they might be the ones in the wrong, or even if they do, they are certainly not displaying it because that would mean owning up and accepting responsibility which they will never do.

This is reflective of most of the women of our generation, who were bought up with slogans such as "You can have it all!" "you go girl!" and my all time favourite "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them". These women have got ego's bigger than most dictator's and they use them rather like dictators too. Trying to convince women they are wrong is indeed very akin to attempting to pursuade hitler that Jew's made good music for example. They just won't accept it, because their ideological purpose is of course "ME ME ME !".

Women's morale compass these days is so screwed up I would even wager that if Tony Blair were giving free handbags to the widows of soldiers in Iraq many men would suddenly find their wives urging them to go to war !

Big brother is shit, I know. But at least it constantly reveals what we already know, that modern western women are shitbags through and through. The reason I say modern western women, is because quite clearly Shilpa Shetty the 'eastern' actress is in my opinion much more ladylike, and almost every man I know, whether white or black or asian, would marry her a million times before even giving a glance to the vermin that are the rest of the housemates. And indeed her coolness and patience with the other housemates seemed to have bolstered her rating's too.


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