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Activism's edge

We have the mindset, we have the blog's and websites (Our form of media), what we don't have is the literal activism.

Well I suppose we did have a couple of feats bravely done by fathers4Justice last year, and a couple of other media-grabbing events by various pissed of blokes around the world. But I put this to you, how does OUR activism compare with that of early feminist's or early black right's campaigners ? What feats has the Mra movement delivered really ? The question i'm going to pose to you is this, How much do you seriously believe feminist's are affecting YOUR life ?

The early feminist's seriously BELIEVED that men were oppressing them, and they would do ANYTHING including riot their way down streets and burn bra's etc etc to change that. Well guess what, they succeeded, much to the dismay of everyone in the west except big business and politics. It was the activism that grabbed the attention of people. And it's exactly this type of punch-line activism that would skyrocket the men's rights movement into the public sphere. The only reason they had the guts to perform their activism was because they believed, or in the case of blacks, KNEW, they were being oppressed. When you KNOW you are being oppressed you only really have two choices, to submit, or to resist ! Martin Luther King certainly didn't submit.

The feminist media is probably responsible for your self-doubt too. You know, that nagging feeling you get that you simply can't do anything about your current situation, that you are simply gonna have to wait for a hero to come along, a superman if you like, to save the world. Well I hate to be the one to tell you this, but YOU are the Superman, although in your current state your just not very super. Yes, it's your choice whether or not you want to be a second class citizen in the society that YOUR foreFATHERS built !

Just how oppressed must us men become before we stand up and tell our oppressors where to go.

Many a man has told me that they would really like things to change, but that they're just not capable of undergoing regular embarassment and hate to get there, to which my simple reply is "your not going to get 'there' then" . It's true, with all positive shifts forward, we must accept it won't be easy.

A few Ideas

A few simple ideas spring to mind for the most basic of activism. Some i've borrowed and others believe me or not, i've actually observed in practise.

1.) A friend of mine who is attending a college, printed off hundreds of 'posters' if you will with the addresses of Men's rights blogs and websites and stuck them up in full view of the 'thousands'' who attend his college. This has Unlimited variations.

2.) I saw someone wearing a t-shirt with a slogan designed to capture the viewers attention. Again perfect for the men's rights movement, and there are plenty of conservative or anti-feminist t-shirts out there.

3.) Car bumper stickers, and window stickers, or desktop items that invite the attention of passers by.

4.) Literal activism, make a decision to ask someone the following question once or twice a day, "How do you like being a second class citizen?" Do NOT care about their reply, just make sure they hear you. If your not confident enough, try just dropping it in a conversation your having with one of your close friends.

5.) Anyone with access to media skills should utilise them to the utmost. Youtube is ideal for broadcasting well thought out propaganda to the masses of people who use it.

6.) As above but taken one further, print off posters, or recorded videotapes and simply spam them through letterboxes, or leave them in locations of interest. Or even advertise them.

7.) Speak up ! Whenever you hear someone slagging off your sex, or complaining about how bad off they are in society, proceed to enlighten them with your infinite wisdom. Pretend you are a type of Jesus, you may not be liked, but you are doing THEM a favour.

8.) In all cases whereby you are offered the opportunity to reveal the plight of men, take them. Be opportunistic.

9.) Have a delve into the various propaganda used by governments in the buildup to wars, and you will SEE how EFFECTIVE it really is. And sometimes quite frightening.

10.) Your a man, think of something !

Lastly i'll leave a couple of propaganda pieces by OUR government in the various stages of this century especially the wars to give you an idea of how effective and ruthless propaganda can be. Using the right phraseology and images can deeply affect the mind of the viewer.


Blogger FredXblog said...

Good post Jay

This is an issue close to my heart- as it is only half the activism to have sites/blogs/forums in place.

What is needed is the promotion of such items.

What your college friend did was certainly a good thing, and I would also add that if you use a college/university campus emailing system, you could, in effect, reach every student with a list of men's sites/blogs.

I also think Youtube will prove a useful tool, and MRA's are beginning to realise this now.

I think the main problem is that, unlike blacks and women, white men have been 'programmed' to view themselves as overly privilaged- which is, of course, bullshit.

So with this auto-emotion set in from childhood, many men just don't see that they could be victims.

Which is a dangerous situation in itself.

No- the only way to open the deluded's minds is to bombard them with MRA information, such as through posters/Youtube/word of mouth etc.

I would persoanlly like to see men gather in workplaces and go on public workstrikes, forcing the mass media to cover the event whilst at the same time stopping the generation of work and money.

Although this is risky in itself- the benefits from this would be enormous.

Anyway, glad to see that you're back- I've been away for a couple of months myself- so keep up the good work comrade.



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