Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Those never ending demands !

Demand's, demand's and more demand's, that's what terrorists who hijack planes seek isn't it ? Well, most of the time it is anyway, the strange thing is though, even terrorist's know when their demands are totally unreasonable.

Unlike, feminist women, whose demands are not just unreasonable, they are totally unfathomable to anyone with common sense ! For instance the demand that men still adhere to chivalry, even when total equality exists between the sexes, is of course, blatant sexism !

But the demand's keep coming, and its not always the feminist women themsleves doing the demanding, it can also be traitorous lawmakers and politicians who support feminism on the sly who will also issue out demands on men. How about a very recent demand that men not have sex with drunk women, because it constitutes rape ! If you live in the Uk, I'm sure you may be wondering what more this government can do before it just comes out and says "I hate fucking men!" all over national television and radio.

Strange thing is though, as Angry harry recently noted, you will do nothing to stop this.

In fact, not only will you do nothing to stop this, but sometimes you will even pretend it isn't happening at all in order to let yourself get a good night sleep. Maybe even when a female friend or coworker asks your opinion on this matter, you will sheepishly act as if you don't care in some futile attempt to show your battered masculinity. My question is why ?

If you would just look around and see for yourself the pain and misery that these very laws and their founders are causing, maybe then you would speak out against them. Or maybe you simply don't know how to stop the onslaught in which case your probably in the more popular group of men who simply think we must put up with this nonsense until by magic it dissapears one night. Well to that I say "Stop dreaming you foolish sheeple!", thats what they want you to believe, because that way they can continue to push these vile laws further and further until the very breath of a man becomes illegal, and you think i'm kidding, if some feminist's had they're way, you're genitals would have been under the guillotine along time ago !


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