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Secret lives of breadwinner wives

Secret lives of breadwinner wives

This article is one of the most hypocritical articles I have ever read, it's riddled throughout with obvious double-standards and the ever obvious selfishness of women.

Double standard number one.

"Despite knowing that the man they were choosing to marry was not likely to become the primary earner, some women secretly harbor the wish that their spouse would start bringing home the bucks and support them for a change.
That's a problem. While I can understand feeling ambivalent about being the primary earner, especially when kids enter the picture, women who nurture Cinderella dreams put themselves in a financially precarious position. "

So....some women harbor the wish that a bloke would pay for them all the time, but 'women who nurtture cinderalla dreams put themselves in a financially precarious position'. I guess what she means here is that if you are a woman and you are the breadwinner, then you have the right to dream of not being a breadwinner ?

"What gets left out of the Norman Rockwell portrait of the new nuclear family is a muddy little truth no one wants to discuss: It's not easy being the breadwinner, and many women are having a hard time in that role."

Many women are having a hard time eh ? Sounds like the old victim shite again, and just for pointers men have always been the breadwinner and not one of them has ever thought being the breadwinner was 'easy'. Why women are so deluded that they honestly think being the primary earner is going to be easy I have no idea, at best I'd relate it to the "You can have it all" Slurs that I hear on t.v so often.

And please someone tell what the "New nuclear family" is ? Would that be the family's where men are totally redundant ? Or perhaps the more popular men are useful for their money and their sperm type ?

"Take Anna. A hard-driving Washington, D.C., lobbyist who knew from the moment she met her struggling-actor husband that she always would be the breadwinner, she is still finding it hard to sort out her own expectations.
"The great thing about him is that he really doesn't care about money," says Anna, 42.

"On the flip side, the problem is that he doesn't care about money -- so I have to," she says. "That's a big burden."

Incredible, womens mindsets continue to baffle me ! Its great that he doesn't care about money, but its not so great when it affects HER ! Selfishness seems to be the crop of the day in this bollocks excuse for an article. And for you're knowledge anna, it IS a big burden, but blokes have being dealing with it for millenia, so I suggest you stop whining or you may give away the secret that you're not quite as good at dealing with it as the historically speaking, more experienced men are.

"It wasn't so long ago that my heart would race with pride and excitement when I heard upbeat statistics about women's earning prowess:"

Wtf ! I envy you ! I wish I could be all upbeat when I heard about womens earning ''prowess", but unfortunately all I see is affirmitave action getting them into jobs that were meant for the more qualified, all I see is the wage packet dwindle evermore every time another generation of females enter the workforce, and all I see, as your article clearly shows, is that women don't really like working too hard anyways !

"Women increasingly define their roles as both emotional provider and economic provider."

Emotional provider ? Whats that then ? Is that where you manipulate spouses and then get found out so turn on the tears and provide emotion to the situation, or is it where you constantly stir up arguments to 'test' your hubby and see if he still fits your oversized checklist of what a man should be ? Again selfishness comes to mind here.

"What seems to work within the traditional male-as-breadwinner model doesn't translate when the family relies more on the woman's income."

Why is that then, one must only ask. Is it because men aren't quite as selfish as women in their charity towards their lover, I can bet you it probably is. What she is effectively saying here is "Men as provider should pay for his partner all the time, whilst woman as provider should not have to actually 'provide' !" Seriously fucked up are the heads of these writers.

When guys start to realise the true extent of female selfishness, I don't think marriage will even be a word remembered because it would expose the hypocrasy and double standards of thirty years of victim culture and affirmitive action at the same time. I don't tar all women with the same brush, because the remaining few have clearly painted themselves so badly in the eyes of men, that they will do anything to attract a 'provider', including this.........but thats for another article.


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The breadwinner article makes for an interesting contrast with this one:
where a psychologist argues that women are dependent on men.

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Thanks davout, interesting article.

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