Friday, November 24, 2006

The media and the right woman

The media backs women on everything they say do, and even think.

If one were to believe everything that comes out of the beasts mouth, one would come to the following conclusions :

1.) Women never lie, (Read - Rape accusations 101)
2.) Women are cleverer than men (Succeeding in a mans world)
3.) Women are never violent (Read - ANYTHING)
4.) Women are helpless.
5.) Women just want someone to love them (LOL)
6.) Men cannot do without a woman for one second.
7.) Men have oppressed women for thousands of years. (Read - any history book)
8.) Men are extremely dangerous
9.) Men have no emotions to hurt.
10.) Men and women are exactly the same, just with different 'parts'.

The list goes on and on and on.

Truth is though, its all bollocks !

Now who is it may I ask that watches more daytime television in your opinion ?

Woman, of course. In fact they watch so much of it many of them can't go without mentioning something seen on it for even an hour. I would go even further to add many women I know are OBSESSED WITH IT !

I remember when I was taking my A-levels and sitting in a class one day we were asked to do some coursework in sociology (Yes i know, why the fuck did I ever choose that !) that was to be based on a person we looked up to. We were to write about why and how we think they affected us and if they were famous, what we think it was that made them famous.

Well, I can easily remember chuckling to myself whilst watching people blurt out in-class who it was they were going to write about.

To shorten the length of this post i will make it simple. Basically most of the men wrote about either politicians or famous war hero's (one guy even chose hitler ?!?) whilst all but two of the girls wrote about somebody from their favourite soap. Even funnier was when asked why they chose who they chose, the difference between the male and female intellect was extremely apparent, The guys said things like "He was a political dissident who overthrew a nation!" or "He scored more goals than anyone has ever scored before !" whilst the girls said bluntly "He's fit" or "I want to marry him". I continued to chuckle.

The two points I'm trying to make here are that a) we should never ever trust the media as it totally fabricates everything to suit its own purposes, i.e like being payed by its majority of viewers, which you guessed it, are women. And b) If you find a woman that says she has never watched t.v. Marry her instantly ! Oh wait don't marry her, keep up the resistance !

But for those men that inevitably DO still want marriage even after all of its bad ends, Just initiate a relationship and make sure the t.v goblins don't get to her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. Kill the Television.

Lifetime channels is an excellent example of how men are bad women are great.

3:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed. Misandrism is now "good," and the truth is now "bad."

How 0rwellian...

2:46 am  

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