Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A media mistake.

The media seems to have made a little mistake in my opinion. As you should know, the media is entirely devoted to pleasing women, do they not realise then, that by giving big coverage to issues where men get robbed of big bucks, is not doing women a favor, but actually helps men to see more clearly the injustice being forced upon them in the matriarchy.

It seems the media is unintentionally aiding the men's movement here. I do hope they continue to portay it this way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The previous generation of women made the mistake, that their daughters will pay for. My ex-wife cashed out big this year, after 21 years of marriage. And we get along fine, although the bedroom had died. What she simply did was no different than an investor with a stock. Buy low, sell high. I did not realize that a long term marriage, and letting her avoid working for 16 years, as my salary went up, would result in this. But it is our daughters that will suffer. I instruct every young man I meet, with the complete financial details of my divorce, and how they will have to support someone even after they leave. It's called slavery. And future generations are already starting to suffer. Men are dropping out of the game.

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