Thursday, May 18, 2006

Our strategy.

I couldn't help but notice a coincidence yesterday as I was reading the first few chapters of Sun tzu's Art Of War.

"Warfare is the Tao of deception.
Although you are capable, display incapability.
When committed to employing your forces, feign inactivity.
When your objective is nearby,
make it appear distant; when distant, create the illusion of being nearby.
Display profits to entice them.
Create disorder in their forces and take them.
If they are substantial, prepare for them.
If they are strong, avoid them.
If they are angry, perturb them.
Be deferential to foster their arrogance.
If they are rested, force them to exert themselves.
If they are united, cause them to be separated.
Attack when they are unprepared.
Go forth where they will not expect it.
These are the way's military strategists are victorious.
They cannot be spoken of in advance."

Every single sentence in that paragraph could very easily work in the favor of Men's rights groups, MGTOW'ers and marriage strikers worldwide. When you look at how much feminism has achieved over the last thirty years you begin to see striking similarities between their strategies and those of the above. I am now convinced we as bloggers and webmasters, should employ the same strategy, both on and off the web.

Personally I would say that the arrogance of feminists sees to it that many of them don't yet percieve this upcoming storm of backlashers as a threat, in fact feminists rarely see anything as a threat, due to their inherent superiority complexes. So after seeing the sheer amount of antifeminist blogs and sites that are popping up here there and everywhere, I am convinced that our cause is certainly progressing, and to reference the above in terms of what we are already doing, we ARE attacking them when they are unprepared. We are going forth where they didn't expect it, i.e the internet. We ARE avoiding them because they became too stong (read: too much like men). Many of us appear to be feigning inactivity, But secretly we are master planners engaging in all kinds of subterfuge and propaganda for our cause. We don't need to display incapability, as feminists already deem men to be incompetent buffoons. We are certainly deferential, and they certainly are fostering their arrogance. While they are resting, we are blogging. There already is disorder in their forces because there pretty much always has been, so it won't be too hard to take them. And we display our profits to entice them, then we shag them, then we fuck'em off.

These are the ways military strategists are victorious, and these are the same way's WE will be victorious.


Blogger Davout said...

This is an exceptional article, Jay! Some time ago, I came across a book called "The 33 Strategies of War" by Robert Greene.
That's a pretty good distillation of the wealth of several strategists most notably, Sun Tzu. It takes a hell of a lot of effort to apply the rules but it's worth it.

1:59 pm  
Blogger Jay said...

Thanks for the compliment davout.

I have heard alot about that book, I am gonna have to have a look at it some day. I believe although it is certainly hard to apply the rules, we sometimes inadvertedly apply them without knowing it.

2:33 pm  

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