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Back in the day when I didn't care much about exposing feminism and all it's crap I didn't notice at all just how much it had infected society.

Lately I went back over askmen.com, a site I visited regurlarly when I was going through that inevitable stage of permanently transforming myself in attempts to please women and comform to there un-ending list of demands. I noticed one spectacular thing. All the articles pushed the same BS I was following, I could hardly find any that didn't seem to think that all men were somehow making 'mistakes' and therefore women were teaching them to 'correct themselves' and receive more pussy as a reward. Even the authors who seem to be against feminism, somehow still push the idea that a man should change for a woman. NEVER should a man do this.

Even if one doesn't necessarily disagree with feminist's, one cannot but look at how much women try to change men to suit their whims and desires. So even if you couldn't give a shite about MGTOW or the marriage strike, it can't be that difficult to figure out that, by not changing, more women are likely want to try and change you ! Hence the reason so many bachelors end up getting more sex than their married counterparts. So I would advise all readers to look a bit closer at what they read on dating advice sites, in magazines, and especially what they hear from female friends.

It is my view that women want what they can't have alot more than do men, probably the reason Satan targeted Eve instead of Adam first, He also counted on Eve to be able to convince adam to eat the fruit aswell though, connotations of modern day advertising are springing to mind here.

I distintly recall one article entitled 'The top ten dating mistakes men make'. Every single word of this article was geared towards enforcing the idea that men just didn't match up to women in the dating game. I mean, it was just one thing after the other, men displease women by doing this, men should do more of this as it pleases women. FUCK PLEASING WOMEN FOR A SECOND ! What are these women doing to please me ! It's interesting to me that websites that supposedly give dating advice to women are just as timid about telling women what pleases men. Instead they choose to write about 'How to look good all the time' or 'How to get your man to please you in bed more'. If you cannot see a distinct Women > Men image here, then you seriously need to see a doctor.

Finally alot of women's fashion these days, especially short skirts and cut tops is said to be empowering to the woman, yet all men are told that the 200 quid they just spent on versace jeans will land them a woman. Yet again one can see the imbalance of the sexes portrayed clear as crystal.

I refuse to do anything for women until they do something for me. I hope you shall begin/continue to do the same.

The longer men pander to women's wishes, the longer the genie remains outside the bottle. Let's lock the cunt up for good by concentrating on #1 and remembering to never, ever, change !


Blogger Davout said...

Great post, Jay. Coulnd't agree more.

Every 'dating guru' should be asked this question: why should a man's self esteem take a hit in order to give a women hers?

9:01 pm  
Blogger Jay said...

I couldn't agree more.

9:13 pm  
Blogger FredXblog said...

Good article Jay

My name is Fred X, and, in order to generate more traffic to around the the issue of antifeminism/men's movement I will add you to my links

If you could return the gesture it would be most appreciated


2:52 pm  
Blogger FredXblog said...

Good article Jay

My name is Fred X, and, in order to generate more traffic to the the issues of antifeminism/men's movement I will add you to my links

If you could return the gesture it would be most appreciated


2:53 pm  
Blogger Cybro said...

I read a very fascinating book about what happened to Adam and Eve in the garden. It went that Eve had sex with Satan then turned around and had it with Adam. This was before God was going to permit it between Adam and Eve. That is why God was so pissed and said Eve would give birth in pain. If Adam had said no then mankind would not have fallen. All this stuff about fruit and knowledge was another way of saying the birds and the bees. Then it followed that man fell locked in thier weakend natures. Women wanting what they cant have and men not being able to say no.

6:48 pm  
Blogger Captain Zarmband said...

Good post!

The idea that a man can attract a woman by pandering to her "needs" and her ego is fatally flawed and never works. The more you do for her the more she'll demand and this merry-go-round will become a lifetime commtiment for the man whilst the woman will always find more things to criticise and complain about. Women just can't help this behaviour.

The only way a man can survive this situation financially and emotionally intact is to view all relationships with women as temporary and will end at a time of his choosing not hers. The whole scenario has to be on his terms to wrongfoot the female. The minute she gets comfortable the nagging and complaining will start. You may view this as harsh but it is none the less true.

My advice to men is stay single....stay happy.

10:50 am  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

Great article. You spelled it out perfectly.

8:41 am  
Anonymous Venom Froggie said...

This applies only to LTR, just to let you know.

I believe there is ONE exception to the rule this blog lays down. The only time you should EVER accept a woman's attempts to change you is if you yourself want to change a certain habit you find distasteful and/or destructive.

Don't change simply to regain access to her neden, change only if you yourself want to break a bad habit that you know must be eliminated before you can reach your full potential.

This is the only time you should ever accept any rebukes and tongue lashings from a woman, when you know you've blown it and have backslid once again.

Also, If ever you try to change on her behest, make it loud and clear you are changing because you agree with her assertion on your behavior. Do not assume she knows this!!

If you silently comply or give in after an initial wrangling without letting her know of YOUR decision, she will automatically assume she has broken you and defeated you.

Upon which she shall quickly proceed to find other "improvements" to impose - with the expectation of inevitable victory every time. And if you fail to deliver that "victory" to her, God help you, you poor sniveling bastard!

So let her know right in the beginning that you are making the effort to change because you agree with her opinion and that she better not try to withhold the pussy or start shouting the first moment you disagree with any other future diagnoses she has on you.

If she has a problem, tell her you can both discuss it calmly, but you are not going to change simply to keep her mouth shut and her legs open.

That said, in many ways, I can totally see where a woman can be handy in their endeavors. When used properly, a woman's efforts to change a man can be used for tremendous good, but ONLY if it is willingly accepted by the male. Willingly, not under the threat of withholding and the shrieking symphony of endless screaming.

What I'm saying is that sometimes (and I mean only sometimes) a man may know he needs to change his behavior, but may need a strong push in the right direction.

And. . . .well. . . .sometimes. . . .okay, you know how sometimes a woman may need to be told to shut the fuck up or may need a good hard smack on the ass?

Well, there are times men need a good hard rebuke and a severe period of sexual draught when they stubbornly engage in behaviors and activities they know damn fucking well they shouldn't.

But again, such disciplinary measures have to be accepted willingly and only for the behaviors the male has agreed to try and change with her help.

And as I said before, this condition needs to be clearly known to her, I cannot emphasize this enough; do not assume your woman just knows you are not merely kowtowing to her wishes to keep the peace or because of blue balls.

Let her know it is your decision to let her enact whatever measures she deems necessary to help you kick that particular habit as long as those measures don't turn abusive (unless you're into that sort of thing).

And allow me to repeat my previous warning, If you fail in this regard, if you fail to tell her in the beginning that you have WILLINGLY put yourself under her jurisdiction in this particular area (or areas) of your life, it won't matter whatever the hell your reasons may be for letting her whip you into shape, in your lover's eyes you will have lost the war by default and rest assured, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!!!!!

And if your woman doesn't like the conditions that you have laid down, if her fragile little ego cannot handle your submission as a result of a mutual agreement instead of coercion, then tell her to go jump in a lake if necessary. If you have to jack off until you get yourself a new girlfriend, then so be it.

Venom Froggie

5:36 am  
Anonymous Venom Froggie said...

Venom Froggie here again.

I forgot to mention, even when you do submit to a woman's authority in a particular area, you also must let her know how much you are willing to change, unless you feel that she truly does have better judgement in that arena than you.

Basically, be careful if and/or when you give her free rein, she damn well may end taking you into places you don't want to go. So give her boundaries as to how far she can help you change.

If you agree you do need further improvements in that area life, then, discuss it. If she doesn't wanna accept those boundaries and refuses to discuss them with you respectfully, then tell her to fuck off already.

I'm out,
Venom Froggie

5:44 am  

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