Saturday, May 13, 2006

Who hijacked feminism ? Feminists did !

I don't buy into this widely circulating theory that somehow feminism started out being a nice movement seeking equality between the sexes, and was later hijacked by militant and more extreme feminists's who didn't like men very much. It seems to me like this is just another way for women to shun away the blame. Im reminded of the many women I've heard say things like "I'm a feminist yes, but not a radical one, I just think women ought to be treated the same as men". Right then bitch, if you're idea of feminism is for men and women to be treated equally, then why the fuck are you still a feminist when men are treated far worse than women ? I mean surely if the militant other-half managed to totally turn the tables and make women higher class citizens then there wouldn't be much left for the 'normal feminists' to fight for now would there ?
All feminists are the same, they always have been and in my great judgement they always will be. Selfish manipulative bitches, that's it ! Its amusing for me to think of how utterly funny it will be when women realise that feminism and women's rights came crashing down probably because never was it hijacked, but being driven by women all along !

My other popular rejection of modern theory's is this fantastical notion that we all need to become religious again, then everything will be put right. Just before I offend anyone I'll state that I do consider myself to be a Christian. But of course, if Christians were willing to sit there and watch they're God be nailed to a cross without kicking up any type of massive rampage, then I'm certainly not gonna count on them to come to my aid. Muslims on the other hand are willing to destroy entire towns and villages when just a picture of their prophet is shown in the wrong fashion. I mean if it was Muhammed who was being nailed to a cross, I have a strange feeling Rome would have fell way earlier than it actually did. I just don't think that even something as mighty as religion has all the answers when it comes to that nagging question of, what should be done with women. I think it will take the combined intelligence of many men to simply break free from the matriarchy, so I'm not even going to attempt to start trying to impose ideas of where we should go from there yet.

All in all I think this marriage strike is definately having an effect, along with the now thousands of anti-feminist websites and blog. So to all the anti-feminist's and my fellow bloggers I say, keep up the good work !


Blogger Masculist Man said...

I don't want to return to religion either because religion was the traditional woman's tool in controlling men. For a very long time the church has feminitized itself to accomedate women and when women discovered feminism they decided that they no longer needed the church so they abandoned it. When the church saw that it was losing its main customers (women) the church also became feminist to accomedate women. Fuck the church,it has nothing to offer men but despair and guilt trips. We don't need them. Notice the Angelican and Catholic religions,the priests wear dresses that should be the tipoff right there.

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