Friday, May 12, 2006

The RAW deal.

Last night, I and a very good friend of mine found ourselves sat in a pub garden soaking up the remnants of the rare british sunshine, sipping an ice cold beer, and evaluating modern society.

I must mention that he is dating one of the few good women left out there today. And as far as I am aware real good women are about 0.0001 of the total female population.

We began by discussing the total farce that is the modern judical system, then proceeded to muster over why so many marriages end up in divorce and why it is Very likely to have been initiated by the woman. We then talked about retirement, and why men can't retire till age sixty five, whilst women only wait till age sixty, all this while men die on average seven years earlier than do women. Finally we took a break and talked about different tactics used in a game of snooker whilst smoking cigarettes and finishing our now luke-warm beers.

One amusing sentiment that I can remember him saying was that he knew no-one who would bet on a horse (or anything for that matter) that had over 50% chance of not winning. Yet many men risk losing much (e.g house, car, kids et al) more when they decide to marry, which also has a +50% failure rate. In fact one could say that no businessman, nor sportsman, nay any man, would undertake such a risky venture.

Women, on the other hand, would..............

Imagine it this way, if you knew of a business deal that would secure you financial freedom for as long as you wanted, and then financial security for long after, and there was no risk of losing anything except maybe the remainder of your conscience, add to this the fact you had seen not one, but two, of your close friends succesfully complete this deal and come off with a large house, a new car, and regular monthly income to pay for their health club memberships and other extensive selfish needs, one could argue that you may start to believe this deal is worth pursuing.

Hence women these days "Really want a man to just love them", because everything else comes for free after the divorce anyway.


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Thankyou captain zarmband I have now posted a link to your site also.

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