Monday, May 08, 2006

Logic, Logic, Logic !

And more logic. Thats what us men have far more than women, hence the reason it wasnt christine columbus who sailed across the atlantic.

But it appears many a man today doesn't seem to be able to use this logic, or in some rare cases even acknowledge that he has it to use in the first place. You see, if more men started using their logical minds then we probably wouldn't be seeing many more marriages in the west at all. Simply because logic would tell you that Since :
1) 50 % of marriages end in divorce,
2.) Over 70% of the time divorce is initiated by the female,
3.) How many women lose their house, their car, alot of their belongings and their job after a divorce eh !
4.) And how many women do you see paying 18 years of alimony for some brat spawned when they forgot to take the pill by accident.

Not to mention the nagging ! Oh the nagging, probably the worst part of it all, and that comes from the get go. As soon as the honeymoons over, your hunnybunny becomes killerbunny and starts wondering how she can kill of all those bad habits of yours. Before long not one hair on your head is the same as it was before you met your darling. That seems to be a western womans main aim in life, to change men. The tougher the man is to change the better, as victory is all the more rewarding then. How do they manage to do this ? Well I wouldn't know as I'm a happy bachelor who never stays with a woman long enough for her to even begin thinking about changing moi. But I imagine its the one thing that has almost every man duped at one point or another, SEX. They have it, we want it. BUT we don't need it as often as women and t.v would have us believe. In fact when you were a young child I would imagine you rarely NEEDED it at all, because the testosterone wasn't there to drive you. Thats the key though, when you realise that YOU probably don't even want to have sex with the girl, its the testosterone that does, then you may just find that you can resist the temptation a helluva lot easier. And if not, get a prostitute for Christ's sake. Or go get some awesome porn. You won't have the nagging, put it that way. AND there is no pressure at all to perform to the impossible expectations that most western women now have of you.

So the next time you look down on a mate of yours who aint got married or doesnt want a girlfriend, remember, secretly he has a MUCH better life than YOU do. HA !


Anonymous abel said...

Porn is our ace in the hole, not essential but certainly welcome. Never take it for granted however. The feminists hate porn (and porn users) and are campaigning relentlessly against it. The British government will soon be giving it's response to the consultation on "extreme" porn which may well be proposals to legislate against it. If so we must be prepared to defend our rights to access and own porn. This is the tip of the wedge gents, I hope you're up for the fight.

11:07 pm  

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