Saturday, May 06, 2006

5 easy ways to aid the Movement !

Here are five simple ways you can help speed up the growth of the men's movement and the modern men's marriage strike.

1.) Tell people, this is both easy and hard. But if you tell just one person a day something about the men's movement, the unfairness of the matriarchy or the nuisance of femo women, then after several years you will have made your mark easily. Remember we may just need to convince one national speaker of cause to catapult it into the limelight.

2.) Write to companies that you both agree and disagree with, if a company's advertisement pisses you off because of its anti-male bias, tell them about it ! And it a company does something impresses you, let them know. Playing to a persons vanity is the easiest trick in the book.

3.) Learn more if you have the time. Do some research of your own. Pile together your own statistics and show them to friends and family who might otherwise have disagreed with you. If you can come up with just ONE good argument against feminism (there are plenty), then you will better equipped to handle any possible confrontations with the nazi-queens if such confrontations should arise.

4.) Create a blog ! They aree a simple, easy and effective way to reach people. The more blogs there are the more likely a lost guy is likely to find one. We already have a vast network of information that could tear femnism to shreds if it was broadcast more. P.s post a link to this on your blog please.hehe.

5.) Easiest one this is. Resist it. "Resist what ?" you say? FEMINISM. In every possible and safe way to do so, resist it. E.g don't be a pussycat everytime a woman walks buy. Don't be pressurised into thinking you're not manly if you don't want to commit. Simply walk away. And return when either the grass is greener, OR THERE IS NO GRASS LEFT AT ALL !!!

Good luck my fellow Men.

If you're new to the marriage strike and/or the men's movement. Then I urge you to follow the links on this page to learn all that you can about what a hate-filled movement we are up against.


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