Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Afghanistan ? Iraq ? Probably Iran ? Where next ?

It seems the US is geering up for yet another ridiculous war on terror. Though this one may be slightly less ridiculous as there are actually proofs of something 'nuclear' this time. What bothers me though is that although we live in a so called democracy i can't help but think we get little choice in saying who we want our country to war with.
It appears that Iran though is a slightly more difficult opponent to deal with than Iraq, its population is alot higher and its sophistication is, shall we say, a little more 21st century. It also appears to have alot more confidence than its neighbour judging by some of their governments officials comments.

I'd just love to know what other ordinary people think about all this utter shite that seems to be goin on at the moment, i mean im no conspiracy theorist, but the direction this world is heading, and it certainly doesn't look good. Lets hope the men's movement gets into big government and sorts it all out once and for all !

The links to some articles about the above are as follows:

Bush won't rule out nuclear strike on Iran

Russia Still Opposed to Sanctions on Iran

Oh by the way Happy Easter Folks !


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