Sunday, April 16, 2006


This site is dedicated to all those men (and women), who after long hard years of effort and work, study and interpretation, have came to the truthful conclusion that Feminism is pretty much (if not the most) shitty, incomprehensibly devious and outrageously ideotic movement this world has ever seen.

For thousands of years guys have been slaving away to provide women with the material items they deem necessary for survival (e.g handbags etc), and just when we thought things were going to get better, (Around 1944-45, with the end of the war, and technology starting to make our lives a little easier), a lovely little movement like Feminism kicks off, and scraps all the notions of our past bravery and care for women in favor of reducing modern man to having the same worth as dinosaurs have in modern day mathematics.

Many men cannot actually remember the last time something positive was stated in the media about the male gender, nor can we remember the last time we could laugh at a girl without losing three pints of blood for doing so.

So, you ask, who exactly is this site for then………….

· Anyone who disagrees with feminism’s evil motives.
· Those who wonder why SuperMAN seems to have been eroded from all human consciousness
· And those poor souls who did a search for equality on google and found the first mention of men was on page six-thousand, seven-hundred and ninety-nine and onwards.


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