Sunday, April 16, 2006

A constant Whining

It seems wherever I go these days there is some stupid thirty-somethin woman Whining about absolutely nothing.
Today I got up early to go to the shop and get some cigarettes, as I was coming out of the shop i noticed that someone had parked their car the wrong way across some parking spaces in the nearby carpark, what amused me was that there were now two policemen eyeing up this car and writing something out on one of their clipboards. Then out of the shop strolled a middle-aged blonde woman who proceeded to walk up to the car, get in, and attempt to drive off, of course the police officers stopped this woman in her tracks and informed her that she shouldnt take up 4 car parking spaces in her vauxhall tigra. It was what came next that was the shocker ! She politely said Ok to the officers and slowly moved her car to the exit of the carpark, she then wound down one of the windows in the car, and using profanitys that I dare not repeat, began to shout her Fucking head off at these two coppers before speeding off out the carpark and down the road. I walked on home thinking what stupid mentalists some women are becoming these days.
She had probably just got out the bed the wrong way, but i just decided to mull over the situation had a man been in the same situation.
Firstly I decided he just would've parked the bloody car the right way in so as to avoid all the trouble in the first place. But even if he had parked wrongly im positive that he wouldve accepted his wrongdoing and thought of himself as stupid for the five minutes after the police told him what a fuckwit he was. And thats it. But the woman obviously seemed to think these policemen were arseholes simply for telling her off, when she'd done something stupid.

And western women wonder why us guys arent willing to climb mountains and traverse oceans for them anymore.


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