Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What's that !? We're not as equal as you thought ?

Young women are catching up with their male counterparts when it comes to alcohol often to disastrous effect.

I didn't know whether to even bother publishing this post as I thought I could be mocked for pointing out the sheer obvious, which is, "Women are Not 'THE SAME' as Men". Now that's simplicity for you.

An interesting article as it appears to clearly show what those of us with brains have always knew, women can't handle their drink like us men. What amazes me though, is that if I went into a pub and was overheard stating the above statement I would be labeled either sexist or chauvinistic. Of which I am neither.

Women (Thanks to years and years of Femo-programming) just can't actually see the obvious though. Take the following quote for example.

"They don't see themselves as being at higher risk than males, but they are," says psychologist G. Alan Marlatt

Why on earth would they not see themselves as being at higher risk ? Because they see themselves as the same. Or perhaps I could go one step further and actually argue that they don't see themselves as women ? Bugger even going there.

If You live in any western country you will of course know that none of this Drinking heavily nonsense can be women's fault, no no !

“They don’t get that if they’re trying to keep up with their boyfriend, they’re going to get drunk faster. The genders are catching up with each other, the girls with the guys, which isn’t good in this case because of the added risks.”

This article really goes out of the way to cover EVERY possible way it might not be totally down to the iwoman'sual womans fault. Here are just a few.

”I felt pressured to be popular, look pretty and feel confident, and I could only experience those things through drinking,” she says.

"Alcohol is a social lubricant," says Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Girls may drink because it makes them less shy around boys—and because they want to seem older than they are.

Now ask yourself if any of this would have been said if it were males as the target of the article. Bollocks ! The article would be more approprioatly titled 'Men destroying themselves again ! Hurrah for the Girls !'


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