Friday, April 21, 2006

Feminist unfit to serve in Israeli military

Feminist unfit to serve in Israeli military

According to Jessica Valenti, 19-year-old feminist refusenik (reFemnik?) Idan Halili: "has sparked quite the debate in Israel after she sent a letter to the army asking for exemption based on her feminist values."

Feminists push for women to get in the army, then when confronted with its not so "Sit on the couch in front of the fire" style of work they back out, AND, GUESS WHO'S FAULT IT IS !

"Halili argues that military service is incompatible with feminist ideology on several levels: because of a hierarchal, male-favouring army structure; because the army distorts gender roles; because of sexual harassment within the army; and because of an equation between military and domestic violence."

Male-favouring !? Yes I can see it clearly now "You men Die More, and are much more likely to get injured, Thats blatant Favouritism !"

"The committee said that her feminism, not pacifism, seemed more dominant and that, on the basis of holding such views, she would be unfit to serve."

I think this should apply more widely than just the army, Im certainly not advocating that women should not work, but i am advocating the removal of Feminists from Planet Earth, as I along with many other thousands of men on this planet would certainly agree that,



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