Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Uninspiring bullshit

My brothers taking his GCSE's in school this month and next so I decided to ask him what he planned to do with them, the response I got clearly shows the state him and his male friends must be in at school and in their youth. His answer was, " I don't give a shite what job I do, as long as I get a decent sports car, and Fuck loads of birds then I couldnt really give a shite about anything else ".

Now you may be thinking that's a normal response from a 15-16yr old lad, but the point is two years ago, he would more likely have wanted to become an astrophsyicist with the worlds largest home space telescope. So what changes in them vital teenage years. I can only come up with one answer, SCHOOLS! They Fucking rape you (of decent intellect) ! They teach mostly stuff that is not necessary ! And they indoctrinate our youth with very depraved images of mankind in general, although the MAN part of Mankind usually gets the worst end of the stick in all this.

We all know schools are rapidly becoming the places NOT to send your children, why ? well apart from the above they actually might cost you more than a home tutor ? Go figure.

If you want to know just why your Boys are doing so bad in school lately look no further than the elimination of competition, a prioritorisation of coursework and a mainly female population of teachers, many of whom have taken women's studies classes and learned that boy's are mere 'parasites'. If not that then one could always argue that the need for boys to learn anything at all apart from how to fuck and how to drive is indeed a near certainty.

An article on angry harry's awesome website superbly describes the state of our schools.
Well Done the Girls?

Lastly has anyone been in a situation really where they thought their head was literally going to blast open having to listen to the absolute drivel modern women find to talk about in offices and social gatherings ?


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