Monday, May 08, 2006

Warped logic

Feminist Mystique

"The ongoing "Mommy Wars" has been building with such ferocity that it seems destined for an old-fashioned rumble."

Oh oh ! I can smell some more Shite floating around the net !? Can you ?

It seems women really can't make up their minds what they want to do. Actually that's a lie. All women know what they WANT to do, but no woman seems to know HOW to do it anymore.

Most women, if not all, want to be feminine. Most want to be a wife. And most want to have kids. But it seems women no longer know how to do any of these things.

These days :
1.) Women want to be masculine whilst reeping the rewards of being feminine.
2.) Most women want to have a husband to sponge off.
3.) And most women can't decide whether or not to have children for fear it may ruin their 'careers'.

"As a woman who has always hoped to be able to stay at home full time when I have children"

WHO ! is going to be 'keeping her' whilst she 'stays at home full time' !

And the wording used is incredible - "I have children" Shouldn't that be 'We have children' ?
Or are you planning to go for a nice trip down the sperm pond soon ?

The warped logic of feminists is rather amusing, because, as we can all see, these women all WANT something. Yet guess who they have to go for to get most of this. Yep ! Thats right you guessed it ! MEN. Ha ha de fuckin ha ! AND !!!! Guess where all the men are !...........

Nowhere ! Oh what a time to be alive !

Yes how wonderful it is to be alive, be single, and be happy.


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