Saturday, May 13, 2006

The death of free speech.

It appears the matriarchy is discovering the hard way that men will not put up with their bullshit anymore. Normally they would just fire back abit of rhetoric about men not helping enough, or oppression etc etc, but it seems this time our matriarchal government is sinking to new lows, they're practically going to completely shit over the internet and even more so, bloggers.

Bloggers To Get Hit With A Branch of COPE
As the weeks go by more and more blogs pop up, and I believe this frightens the hell out of the Feministed government offices, why ? Because there is nothing better than ordinary people informing other ordinary people of how fucked up the situation is and how to get out of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

COPE is a set-up. Once it goes through and people see how the internet changes they will go ape.

Then they will do what they always do: go and cry to the government to "fix it".

Only THEN will we see the real agenda as things go back to "normal", BUT with government Gatekeepers in place to keep out anything that may stir the minds of the sheep.

One way or the other though you are correct, the government cannot allow a free and unregulated exchange of ideas and property.

6:41 am  

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