Saturday, May 13, 2006

Men die young - even if old

"Being male is now the single largest demographic factor for early death,"

This is not good. Why the fuck does not one single politician seem to hear this ! Or maybe they do, but their just too pussy whipped to give a fuck about men, or they could be feminists, in which case they are probably advocating this as some sort of 21st century empowerment program for women.

"Population growth and globetrotting have led to a rise in infectious diseases. And improvements in public health and medicine may have benefited women more than men: for instance, far fewer women now die at a relatively young age during childbirth"

MAY HAVE BENEFITED WOMEN ! 70 odd percent of the fucking budget goes on women, so I certainly hope it does benefit women, otherwise that would be a phenomenal waste of money.

And finally, as always, some of it must be men's fault !

"Technological advances may have played a part, too, by supplying men with more powerful guns and ever faster cars. "

We just love dying us blokes, its our main aim in life !

Fucking twats.


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