Saturday, May 13, 2006

The trouble with feminist women.

After reading a recent post on eternal bachelor I wholly agree that we should not suddenly 'take women back' just because they start saying that they are against feminism all of sudden.

Women, as we all know, are expert manipulators, therefore its sometimes difficult to see their motives, but trust me on this one, they ALWAYS have an agenda. And the agenda here is simple to spot, as, once again, the only reason from them 'changing their minds' is to get what they want ! A womans superiority complex never ceases to amaze me.

I wonder if there are women in the western world who don't expect to be worshipped. It's no wonder church attendance has dropped, westerners worship woman, not God. When I go to town I can't help but watch the women walk around as if they are totally and utter superior anyone around them. And this is what feminism has achieved, and it is for this reason that I see feminism as nothing more than an inflated ego handed down over three generations.

Anyway, back to the point. Just because a woman decides she wants to get married and settle down and have kids, and basically sit on her fat arse all day, that does not, I repeat, does NOT, mean that you are somehow supposed to once again be nice, and rescue her from her own stupid mistakes. Ask yourself one simple question, had the situation have been reversed can you see her rescuing you ? This is nothing more than the sheer entitlement syndrome that has driven so many men like myself to refrain from any form of long term relationships with women altogether.

As Nycbuck put it perfectly"What the hell are the women bringing to the equation other than their twats?"


Blogger darkbhudda said...

"When I go to town I can't help but watch the women walk around as if they are totally and utter superior anyone around them."
They walk on the wrong side of the footpath and get all upset when guys don't get out of their way.

That is if they can be bothered looking where they are going. I had 2 stupid cows not looking where they were going recently, one of them bumped in to me and they acted like I had done something wrong. I just ignored them.

Then some asshole in a car threatened to beat the crap out of me. I gave him a serving. I didn't care that there was a 5 year old girl and her mother there. I used the f word at least 3 times every sentence. Needless to say, he drove off thinking he was some kind of hero. I had to stop myself from jumping in his car and beating the hell out of him.

1:41 pm  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

I agree with you,darkbudda,the asshole you described is the chivilistic faggot that got us in this situation in the first place and he's an unrepentent asshole who feels not only does he NOT owe anything to men for the mess he got us in,he will in fact get in our face and dare us to do something about it and that is where he made his mistake because we'll fuck his world up and spit on him while he bleeds. The funny part is that he will underestimate women until some "sweet thing" takes him to court and picks him clean,then he'll learn,maybe.

9:52 am  

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