Monday, May 15, 2006

New Augusta National Chair Continues Discrimination Against !

New Augusta National Chair Continues Discrimination Against Women

Now I've deliberately took this article from because it highlights their stupidity further than normal, although other versions of this article from lesser feminist views are available from various different sources.

"Billy Payne, new chair of Augusta National Golf Club, has stated that he will uphold the all-male club's practice of denying membership to women"

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with this ? It's just, I'm hearing more and more BS like this everyday, women being denied this, women being denied that. What about the men who can't go swimming at certain times anymore !? What about all female Gym's and spa's and sauna rooms ? Why don't they question this then eh ?

"He has declined a request to meet with Martha Burk, the former chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) who has led protests against the club’s discriminatory policies"

With a job title like that most men would be scared shitless of going near the woman, never mind having a meeting with her about discrimination.

Secondly I'm wondering why MEN in general rarely protest to anything important. Most modern men only seem to protest about issues that directly or indirectly relate to women, I imagine there to be about fifty or so manginas gathering at the next protest on the above for example. The feminist's are up in-arms about this man's discriminatory practices but as for the widespread discrimination against men in just about every institution elsewhere, no one utters a word. Think about it, affirmitive sees that men are discriminated against in the work place, very similar changes in schools seem to drastically hindering boy's ability's, and then all the other more minor issues such as 'ladies drink free nights' and ladies only clubs, spa's, swimming pools, learning places etc etc.

I found a few real discriminatory practices after only a short browse on the internet. (Women only I see ?) 24hr_gym.html (Women only gym again) (Womens only swimming lessons and pools)

and lol, porn-for-women-site... a women's only porn site.
"Women For Porn's Porn For Women” specializes in classy high-quality pictures of sexy nude men and women and very attractive couples." Doesn't sound any different from normal porn to me, does it ?

Now except maybe for the porn part, why isn't anyone protesting about any of the above ?

By the way, women only surfing is on the way next, I suppose they will have their own beaches with reasonable, more feminine, waves, though. Wouldn't want any of those big masculine waves raping them now would we !


Blogger Davout said...

Maybe we should remind these women that the transportation they will use to get to the vacation spot is man-made. So are the gyms, swimming pools, internet and the computers the women use to access the internet. So much for female independence!

11:11 pm  

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