Friday, May 19, 2006


Recently I chatted with a so called 'Dating Guru' on my lunchbreak, I can't recall how I managed to get talking about feminism but nevertheless it became the hot topic so to speak.

I was shocked and yet thrilled at his response to my asking if he supported the feminist movement. He promptly said no. He claimed to support money instead, as he said movements come and go, but money is consistent. He said he couldn't support the men's movement because it would ruin his career and therefore his income.

I questioned him harshly concerning issues such as dating guru's wanting men to change for women and the like. His reply was both very honest, and most informing. He said most dating guru's are only out for the money, and he called the change issue a 'cyclical business deal'. "What's that then ?" I replied. "Well, y'know its simple, because women always want more, when men change they are still not satisfied, and y'know whats interesting, these guys are straight back down the shop looking for more dating advice. And so, the cycle repeats itself. We don't give a shit whether these men are getting laid or not, because quite frankly, when they're not, we are getting paid to tell them why not !"

And so concludes the conversation, with me feeling great as I had proved my theory AND had something to post here.

Another conversation I had was with a woman that I still consider to be sane, one of the very few who seems to have dodged the waves of feminism both literally and metaphorically.

"Feminism pisses me off" I recall her saying. "Because I really want to settle down and love a man, I don't mind which situation he would prefer me to be in, working or non-working, I just want companionship, and someone to have a family with". This woman is real by the way, however hard that may be to believe in the west these days. What she points out here though is amazing, "Men just won't trust women because of feminism though, and quite rightly so, but that doesn't leave much for us though, it's catch 22 you see Jay, I either become a feminist and stay lonely that way, or stay lonely until some guy realises that I'm not one."

I do admire this woman in many ways, because she is not scared to voice her opinions to other women aswell. Many a time i've heard her telling one of her mates off for mocking men, or for simply being a feminist and spreading hate. Although many of you are now probably thinking that I'm somehow fanny'in out of the whole stay single, stay happy attitude, I reaffirm that I most certainly am not ! 100% of western women are fucked. But 0.01% of them may still have something to offer other than pussy. By ignoring any decent women out there (and no I don't mean not marrying them, just ignoring them totally) we are potentially losing valuable allies in our fight against feminism. So I urge you to remember, its not just all men that feminism pisses off, but many women too, and so whenever the chance arises, I immediately use these women to get my message across to an otherwise brick wall of an audience. After all, the more our message is heard, the faster it will spread, just like a cure for cancer would be indespensible, so too is the marriage strike now the perfect remedy to feminism.

It's a shame it's had to come to this, but as we all know, marriage is just not worth it, no matter how good the woman is !


Blogger rafael699 said...

Lots of women hate feminism, but still live by the advantages. I'm 40 and dating and the women are all (100%) looking for a wealthy man to take care of them. Of course, they want their independence as well, and absolutely must keep in touch with a cadre of fuckbuddies from the past. My direct personal experience of women between the ages of 25 and 45 is that they are all feminists, very promiscuous and only "reform" themselves when old age comes along and they find their skanky asses alone and miserable.

2:20 am  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

Whenever I ask a woman if she supports feminism she gives the "equal pay for equal work" answer but I guess they love all the other entitlements too but not the responsibility.

2:17 am  

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