Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shaming language.

It came to me the other day that no matter how much the movie industry, magazines and women in genereal continue to shame us men, they are fighting a losing battle. Because they are trying to shame us into doing something that we might do more of it they stopped shaming us in the first place. The more they shame us, the more we run away, it's remarkably like the bullied child at school, who, most of the time chooses to have less friends for fear that they too consider him expendable and worthless.

Regardless of what women say, or what you read in magazines, be informed, women DO need men, and often they find this out to late. Young minds are often the most susceptible to all forms of propaganda, this is most likely the reason why so many young women easily take on board feminism, and then proceed to mess up the rest of their lives because when biology (Y'know, that thing feminist's can't stand) kicks in, they're in a high powered career with a Ph.d and the like. And no man will marry them, it's simple, because again regardless of what the media tell men or women, men do not judge a potential mate on the quality of their career. Instead I would argue that men judge potential mates on just two things, one is subconscious an the other consciously done. Firstly from what I read in New Scientist, Men subconsciously become attracted to highly fertile women, this is biological, and explains why some women are attractive no matter what they wear, where they are, or what they are doing. Secondly I think men judge their partners based on their usefulness. Certainly I know of many men who ask themselves the following two questions. Will she complement me, or compete with me ? and Will she help me through struggles, or be the damn struggle ? Indeed.

Western women will not be the yang to your yin, they are the fangs in your skin, forever trying to suck out all masculinity, as well as hoovering out your bank accounts and the like, both before, during, and after marriage. But the more they do this, the more it hurts themselves. I pity them really, they just end up hate filled, lonely and rotten because no man with any intelligence will substitute the quality's of being single with the detriments of being married to a western woman.

So in a way I hope the media does keep shaming men, and women DO continue to be arrogants whores, because quite frankly it does us all big favors in the long run, as they are simply filling our gun's with ammo and pissing us off enough until we're very near firing. And one day we will.....


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Good article, and true!

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