Monday, May 29, 2006

Lots to say.

Women often have lots to say, but after some pseudo-science of mine I must conclude that on average only 0.278153 of this actually comes into the category of 'Just about intellectually stimulating'. I say this because after holiday-ing in two completely different places this last week, and conversing with several females in both of these places, I realised what boring creature most western women have become.

After returning from my awesome hols, I decided to make a point of chatting-up or just conversing with out of the ordinary women, women who looked like they could hold down a decent conversation, women who might, I repeat, might challenge me to some political debate or an alluring talk on radioactive waste disposal. What did I get ?

Big brother, Big brother, and "So what do you drive at the moment then babe" !!!!

For fucks sake are any of these women different I thought to myself !?


Ten randoms later I must conclude, Nope !

Indeed it seems Western women are nothing more than T.v commentators and wannabe plastic surgeons. All they ever discuss is what they watch, and their bodies.

I must admit, the girls at church are slightly better, when they are not wondering why they have an urge to fuck you that is. But on the whole, women seem to be completely bent on the absolutely useless, the pathetically superficial, and the articulately boring. And thus they themselves have become all three !

"Did you watch big brother last night ?" One asked. "Nope!" I replied, "I fucked a completely random barbie doll girl who strangely enough, asked me that very same question aswell, you don't know her do you ?" Hehe, it's amusing toying with inferior minds !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite true, they can't talk about shit apart from what they read in 'Heat' magazine. What a load of bollocks. They can't talk about anything interesting, because they don't know anything interesting!

8:45 pm  
Anonymous Venom Froggy said...

Esthar Vilar's "The Manipulated Man". READ IT. That woman was way ahead of her time.

4:29 am  

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