Friday, May 19, 2006

Are we going back in time when feminism falls ?

I fucking well hope not ! Never do I want to be the run-around for some sloth in my lifetime. I've heard many people saying that when feminism falls it'll be all good because men will be men again and chivalry will return. Er, no it won't. I aint gonna let it ! It was men's good chivalrous nature that allowed this catastrophe in the first place, so thats the last place I want our society to return.

I've browsed a few women's forums and read comments to various articles on feminism throughout the internet and it is indeed surprising how many women don't like feminism anymore. But once again their selfish needs come first as we can see in the following comment off some ex femo.

"Secretly, I think most feminists long for chivalry to exist (the opening of doors, receiving flowers) but many are fearful to admit. Let a man be a man and we won’t have all these metrosexual wimps in society"

You see ! They want the 'opening of doors, receiving flowers' etc etc, but no mention of what they are going to 'return to' at all.

"Great to hear from you again! Don’t be such a stranger! I guess I was never a feminist. Never burned a bra, never protested. I agree - let a man be a man! Unfortunately, most men nowadays are being feminized. That is the backlash of the feminist movement. That being said, I am encouraged by the new generation of stay at home mothers. I know it is hard for them (and their spouses) because of living expenses, but I appreciate them nonetheless. It is an indication that this nation is moving back to its roots! Hope to see you and Jeremy at the next BrewHaHa™ I didn’t get much of a chance to visit with you last time. "

No it aint maa'm ! Let a man be a man ! It's not you who lets men be men at all, for fucks sake women think their God now ! And it pleases her that women are now staying at home more again. Ha ! I call that Golddigging, she fails to mention the fact that it is most likely these women DID work for a while, then when they decided they didn't like it anymore, their phenomenol sense of entitlement spoke to them and told them that a man should provide for their royal carcass instead. I simply cannot see how women can be so blind. I have came up with a mini-diagram to show all women just why men won't marry. It so far consists of what I call the 3 F's. Freedom, Fucking, and finance. We are going to rate marriage based on these three F's for both the man and the woman.

We will start both sides with 50 points.

FREEDOM = -10 (You certainly lose alot of freedom with western women)
FINANCE = -20 (You DEFINATELY lose out financially, both before, during, and after marriage)
FUCK = -5 (You can no longer fuck anyone but your partner, who has total control over when an where the sex act's take place of course.)

TOTAL = 15 Marriage points.

FREEDOM = +10 (Women certainly gain freedom to sit around doing nothing)
FINANCE = +50 (Divorce is better paid than most jobs these days)
FUCK = UNCHANGED. (Western women are slags and so are likely to continue sleeping around well into a marriage, therefore once a slag, always a slag applies here)

TOTAL = 110 Marriage points.

As you can clearly see, marriage is not in the best interests of men any longer. And we certainly ain't gonna come running back chivalry in hand to save a 25 stone tub of Lard who claims to be a woman and wants to 'go back to how it used to be' and scrounge of us for the rest of her worthless life.


Blogger Masculist Man said...

Here here I totally agree with you as chivilary is the last place I want to return to as well.

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