Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Proof of Stupidity.

An article over at Ivillage.com asks "Why Are Men Scared of Commitment?", and then proceeds to give answers from men. It starts with what to me is a well earned congratulations to all marriage strikers and MRA'S.

"the U.S. Census reports that, over the past four decades, the rate of marriage has definitely been on the decrease. According to the National Marriage Project, a study undertaken at Rutgers University, men today are overwhelmingly apprehensive about getting married."

Great ! I thought, our tactic is working, I bet women will get the point now and see how wrong they have been, and how silly all that feminism crock was.

"So what is the explanation for this phenomenon? Just why are men so afraid of commitment these days?"

Ah. They still ain't got it have they. And I personally think using the word afraid over does it abit aswell, I'm not afraid of commitment, I just don't want to commit. They seem to think that simply because they have a pussy, they are obliged to marriage with a man. Not so girls, it just don't work that way anymore.

Back in the 50's when women did still have something to offer other than a quick shag, men were not so apprehensive about getting married were they ? It's that simple. Every single one of a modern womans actions turns a man away from marriage, from shagging around, to obsessing over how scared men are to commit. For some obscure reason, which I have yet to discover though, women cannot fathom at all that they might actually be responsible for this man-drought. What would wake them up a bit more you ask, well, less mangina twats around to pander to their wishes might do the trick, but most of all, its the attitude taken by men towards women, it needs to change ! Too often do I see men holding women up as goddesses, and proclaiming women to be superior. Even after seeing a woman spout feminist shite all over the place, I'm astonished at how many men will still hold the door open for her !? And after a career girl sobs about not finding a bloke, how many desperate idiots come rushing to her with their own sob stories of never getting sex from anything but cuddly toys. I cannot understand it, because watching these gentleman closely, reveals that hours later at the pub, they tell fellow drinkers how women are all bitches and that they're wives always have the dinner on the table for them. HA ! Caught them in the act ! I say champion women who hold values that you know to be good, ANY women who give you the faint-ist notion that they hold ANY feminist values should be regarded as no-go's and certainly not called the 'fairer sex' anymore. In my view there is the 'fairer sex' and the 'fairy sex' with the latter being modern women, who throw they're cunt's around like pixxie dust and still expect Peter pan to come rescue them.

Remember the truth must actually have a voice to be heard ! You are that voice. Not just in your words, but in your actions. Blogging certainly is a great way to inform people of your message. But if you really want to get your message across, show it, rather than say it. For every door you don't hold open spawns thoughts in the minds of those around you as to why you didn't open that door, which coupled with the obvious onset of male bashing today, will seemingly be answered by common sense to most men, and press them into joining you in your fairy killing parade.

Lastly, Why are men so afraid of commitment ? Is it really that men prefer variety in sex ? Or do men like football to much to commit ? NO ! It is none of the silly excuses you read in magazines or hear on t.v.

Men are afraid, sorry, apprehensive, about getting married, because, contrary to what many modern grooming adverts for women might say, you just ain't fucking worth it girls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beware woman's ramblings:

I think women are worth fighting for, but only if women cast aside femisism. Get rid of the mind set that we are all equal. Then and only if that is done I believe man and woman can co-exist in marriage.

Traditionally, men were the providers and protection and the women were the nurtures of the home and family. My husband and I uses this system and we couldn't be happier. There is no need to have a marriage that is a competition.

There is also another side of feminism that is showing latley. Feminist have made a lot of men very feminine and afraid to affend women. Be a MAN and if women don't like it tuff.

Feminsim = anti-family plain and simple.

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