Monday, November 20, 2006


Hi guys.
Firstly my apologies for slipping away so silently for the last six months. I am now trying to regain some valuable lost knowledge before I continue to fully and regurlarly update this blog, erm regurlarly, again.

I've been busy getting into a new job, which coincidently is what I'm going to start by talking about.

Six months ago I joined an Estate agency group in the hope that with my verbal prowess I would wooe many people into buying many houses. Of course six months later and I'm bored out of my skull and once again feel I need a job more mentally 'challenging', (Anyone else feel like this?).

The job itself is ok I suppose, but the people, oh the people, their utterley dependant on what i've come to call, ONE EXTRA SALE SYNDROME. Its simple maths really, take whatever the number of sales they get and divide it by their happiness, which incidently is always 0. They are soo dependant on their job its excruciating for me to watch. (Lets just say i am hardly a workaholic).

Moving swiftly onto topic, i've recently come to notice yet another deplorable happening in this miniature world within the glass windows of my work. It is the differrent ways in which men and women deal with loss. Now i''m not talking about major loss such as that of a family member, or death of a spouse, I'm talking about micro losses, which usually come in the form of bets, tests, or competitions. Ive come to notice that when for example, one of my male colleagues fails to achieve his desired result for the week, his usual sentence is "Bollocks I knew I shouldve stayed over thursday!" or "I'm getting lazy !", whereas my female colleagues exclaim something similar to the following, "He stole my sale so I couldn't do it this week", "My boyfriend and I keep arguing so I can't focus right now" and finally the best one "Ive been dealing with womens problems this week, sorry".

Can anyone spot something very obvious between these comparables ?

The male typically blames himself for his lack of result.

The female blames everything but herself for her lack of result.

So I decided to ask myself why this mini-phenomenon of nature is taking place in a back street estate agent. To sum it up in one word, now well known among anti-feminists, --victim culture--.

Yes it seems women just cannot go anywhere or do anything without making sure they are seen as victims. Feminist brainwashing has succeeded in relinquishing them of all responsibility. Just take a look at women anywhere at anytime and you may even notice how feminist theory has penetrated your own defenses, even we men regurlarly cover up womens own mistakes as we see them as victims, even going as far as to see them as victims of their own weaknesses (for the likes of anti-feminists).

With my mangina boss, who believe me or not, has to ask his wife's permission to come and have a drink on the way home from work, I have very little chance of conquering this institution with anti-feminist theory, as it has already put me in a position where once again, I'm out looking for something new, something fresh, something a little more 'challenging'.

So far all the workplaces I've been too that have women performing the same role as I (I use the word 'performing' deliberately), have not been challenging enough, coincidence ?

Or maybe its just me, never satisfied !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep victim complex. Annoying but enlightening to see it happening in front of you isn't it? Silly women. lol

11:05 pm  

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