Sunday, November 26, 2006

The future

My view of the future of the west is extremely bleak. I say this based on the simple fact that feminist societys always fall, they cannot exist.

I see one of a few things happening in our near future (Next ten or so years).

Firstly, to everyone out there that actually thinks we are 'fighting feminism' we are not !
We are greatly aiding feminism, we are advancing its cause. That cause is the systematic destruction of the family, which in all its totality, destroys civilization. Our society of today is in the latter of two stages, first is the introduction of feminism, second is the hatred of it, which divides men and women, thus creating the above. Thus we are actually aiding feminism's goal, which any sensible person should have worked out was to divide men and women, NOT create any type of equality whatsoever, examine all the facts and I'm sure you too will conclude that every legislation feminists support is less about equality and more about the division of the populace. We are blissfully un-aware of our paths, which leads us to believe that we are 'fighting the good fight' when in all actuality, we are fighting the only path we can, the one carefully crafted for us to fight by feminists themselves.

There is no great excape from feminism's evil except solitude from all things west-like. Feminism loves consumerism and greatly encourages it, because it becomes yet another avenue to further its propaganda, as we can clearly see displayed all around us. Feminism causes hate, because without the family a society becomes devoid of true love, and the only thing left is hate, which will be used ever increasingly by governments to make war and spread democracy, as we are seeing today.

All this stems back to the originator of these evils. Love of money. A wealthy person in a position of power wants to make more money and gain more power, we all know this, so why is it that we trust them to bring about moral legislation if immoral legislation will make them more wealthy and more powerful ? Do we think that because they studied at top universities and have various academic and non-academic awards makes them more capable of doing the right things ? Are we so blind that we cannot see that if feminism generates more money than anti-feminism, they will NEVER support us, because contrary to our thinking, they are just as immoral as the rest of us. We cannot see that feminism hasn't caused just a marriage strike, its caused billions of unused dollars/pounds to go back into the hands of those who self-righteouslly believe they 'own' money.

If the entire country voted for all government to dissolve, do you think they would listen ?

If the entire country voted for free money printed to everyone, do you think they would accept ?

If we all voted to dissolve feminism, do you honestly think they will change their minds and stop mocking men, killing men, and wholly favouring women in all situations of law ? Or do you think it more likely that they would just change its name and continue with the same parade of onslaught against the male gender because it makes them MORE WEALTHY AND MORE POWERFUL.

We cannot defeat feminism, we can only aid it. We cannot but do anything other than letting as many people know the truth as possible. We are slaves to a path that has been laid before us as the only way out, all we can do is run down that path instead of walk. The only thing that these blind leaders don't realise is that if you build a tower too high even the slightest wind can blow it over. Eventually society is going to collapse, that much is obvious, most scientists agree that we cannot go on like this, never mentioning that the cause of 'like this' is big government, and its ism's.

Stephen hawking recommends we go into space or we're all buggered here.

A writer once wrote...

"There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women. These should therefore be our chief study; we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion, give them hints of emancipation...of standing up for will cause them to work for us with zeal, without knowing that they do so; for they will only be indulging their own desire for personal admiration." (James Wardner, Unholy Alliances 1996, p.35) .

A great article on the bigger picture behind feminism is here.

Lastly I must say, this was not intended to falsify anyones hopes and aspirations, it is intended to simply say please live life to the full, because believe me if you get too caught up in this buggered situation it will consume you unto death, just look at some of the 60yr old feminists who are rotting away still occassionaly spewing forth abit of hatred now and then before they finally choke on their own mal-produced vomit.

"I have came, that they might have life and have it to the full" -- Jesus Christ.

When you oppose the world, you are hated, as we are, because we oppose where feminism is taking us. All we can do is spread the message and rely on hope to comfort us in these times.


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