Saturday, December 23, 2006

Many Congratulations !

Repeating what many other great Mra bloggers have been saying lately I would like to congratulate all those men and women out there that have succesfully esscaped slavery in the matriarchy. Whether you are in the United States or the United Kingdom or anywhere else for that matter, in my view, you are worthy of a crown.

You have succeeded in becoming one of the growing amount of men who fight TRUE tyranny, on quite literally the home front. You are worthy of this crown because you refused to let the promise of regular sex capture you and draw you into a prison where you must spend however long your authoritys decide. In a society that tags you 'guilty until proven innocent' just because you are born male, you have not given in. In a society that advertises males as stupid and unnecessary you have remained confident in yourself. That same society that tells you that you are way over priveleged yet gives jobs to women simply because thats what they are. Yes even that society which lets a woman kick you out of your home and rid you of the sight of your children merely on her whim because you are unnecessary as the father, oh and by the way any fuss kicked up by you is classed as domestic violence aswell. Ah yes domestic violence, how violent you are evil MAN, because you grabbed your girlfriends arm before she threw the kettle at you, how violent you are because you broke up a fight between two butch women outside a club, indeed how violent you are because you are a MAN. The same domestic violence reports and advertisements you cannot go anywhere without finding, why, in this country (UK) you can't even go for a piss without being told what a violent neanderthal you are and how the police are just waiting for you to make your next violent move before they come and get you. This country is no longer yours, it is 100% hostile to you, and thankfully you have realised it before its too late. You have either emigrated to a a more male-friendly country or have gave up your six day working week so you can enjoy true life, or perhaps you write your own blog encouraging other men to wake up amidst this nightmare. Maybe even spoken publicly about your distaste for your homeland, or maybe even fathers 4 justice style gone and stood on high places and proclaimed your anger to the world !

Yes indeed I congratulate you.......fellow bachelors ! Merry Christmas !


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