Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007 is here......

Ahh The year two thousand and seven is here, and to me, there is a strange aura of REAL new beginnings this year, not least quitting smoking and all the other obvious little undertakings I myself shall try to adhere to. No, not these relatively irrelevant happenings, but something bigger, much bigger, so big in fact, that society itself will be changed by its happening.

Some of you are already guessing at what I may be referring to here, could the second coming be this year ? Perhaps Global Warming will change our planet this summer ? Perhaps World government will officially be installed worldwide ? Maybe even the men's movement will be officially recognised as a movement !


None of the above, though don't come running to me if any of the above do happen, as I am in no way claiming the skills of a Prophet !

What is it then ? I hear you ask, or shout, depending how shit your matriarchal life of hell is at this particular moment in space time.


Yes thats right, men.

The men's movement may not gain standing, nor may it change its form, but as I have long pondered, men, well they just might. Change I mean. Indeed, it is my firm belief that this year heralds the turning of the tide in the minds of men. This year may yet be the year when feminism's pendulum finally meets gravity and stops swinging through Men's rights and dignity's. "Nah way !" you could reply, "Feminism's still got go in it yet!", Never have I denied that feminism has still got 'go' in it ! What I have long denied is the power of men !

I've been recently excavating a few old school books of mine and as per usual began quickly flicking through the pages in the hope of remembering the humorous times when I should have been studying them, but wasn't, as of course for a boy to be cool at school, study just had to go ! Anyhow whilst tucking in to various times in history, one thing struck me quite hard. Throughout history various evil regimes and ideas have been forcibly implemented upon various peoples of our world, and what's most interesting is that people, especially those who could do something about the situation e.g men, 'put up with them' or so to speak. Yes, interestingly enough, almost every evil is 'put up with' for a while ! Why is this ?! I queeried. With my only hint of an answer being in the very pages I was reading from, I did the only thing I could do, I read the whole book. And what an astonishing and most enlightening discovery I made......

Evil endured, so it could be evil !

Or to put it in easier to understand terms, If evil was not allowed to actually BE EVIL, then correct me if I'm wrong, but no-one could actually KNOW it was Evil could they? If evil old Mao had copped off before his evil doings, he would not have been known to be evil, except maybe to close friends, of which I doubt he had many. Same applies to all evils, they must commit their atrocities to be known and proven, well, EVIL ! It fits well to religous minds too, as to them its almost like God lets evil reign for a time so he can then judge them fairly by what evil they commit !

When the time is right, there is always an uprising, an usurping, or a full blown rebellion, its never why or why not, its when.

Which brings me back to the year twenty zero seven, or in fact the year before it, yes 2006, the year when the flame of men's anger was subtley stirred perhaps to its boiling point, and we didn't just have men climbing parliament, and sitting on people's rooftops, what we had was the backlash of the silent kind, with men's blogs popping up here there and everywhere, even the occasional enlightened words from fellow men we encountered in our life's daily cycle, yes the precursor to a change. Put it this way, if the trend of men coming to visit blogs such as mine and other already infamous blogs, many listed on my sidebar, if this trend continues, then by the end of this year alone, whole cities will have read what us guys have to say ! And that's an ecouraging thought.

Two thousand and seven is fresh, therefore the history of the year will be what us folks have done by the end of it...........


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