Thursday, January 04, 2007

Boys in Education

Boys really DO need to learn without girls

Well, well, well, what do we have here,

"Boys should be taught separately from girls to help them to achieve the same level of academic success, a report said today. "

That is not, however what politicians have been saying for the past ten years or so, in fact, for the last few years the exact opposite has been poured out. Things like "Gender neutrality in schools" and "Diversity". Instead its been left to the likes of those with real intelligence in this world (Clue : NOT politicians) to use their common sense and work out that boys DO need a different learning environment to girls.

"The recommendation follows the publication of GCSE results last summer which showed boys only just achieving the same level of performance reached by girls seven years ago. "

Sounds pretty awful doesn't it, well thats because it is !

Yet I'm almost positive that the feminist's in education will still not heed this warning, instead they will do what they always do, try and find someone to blame. My current expectation is this, They will of course blame men, they will try and make out that not enough men are teachers, because men are 'scared' of the children, perhaps they will even use the tried and tested, 'men are scared of working in a female dominated environment' catchphrase. But of course that will only drive more men away from wanting to work in such an testosterone-scarce place of work. The corruption of Britains education system is, in my humble opinion, already beyond repair anyway, just look at all the sex assaults on children and staff going on, they should try and sort that stuff out before anything else. The biggest most important thing anyone anywhere could do to help with this situation is simply recognise the primary CAUSE of it.

The cause of course being various feminist induced changes in the education system, designed NOT to better GIRLS, but to HINDER BOYS. Yes thats right I said it, I don't think the girls have 'improved' all that much, even with all the help they've been getting. Girls may be way ahead of boys, but that could simply imply boys are way 'behind' girls. I hope your following here, its like in a race between a cat and a dog, if they both take two steps forward, but then the cat takes two steps back, the dog isn't necessarily 'ahead' as much as the cat is 'behind'. Got that. Thanks to excessive amounts of coursework which as any parent will tell you, drives boys mental, the boys are attaining lower grades, which when coupled with a change in exam styles, to shorter 'tick box' style exam papers further dis-encourages boys to try hard. And then most of all, you have the occasional feminist history teacher spouting forth bullshit just before hometime, "Have a safe trip home now girls, and stay away from those nasty boys!".

Interestingly as I was browsing through the comments, I found this to be rather amusing.

"Children should have the right to mix with the opposite gender, and if anyone's bringing anyone down, it's the boys bringing us girls down. Why can't the government learn that children have a say???- Katherine, 11, England"

Sounds an awful lot like and eleven year old to me doesn't it, I mean I know plenty of eleven year old girls that find their interest in gender politics and education. It sounds to me more like this is the Daily Mail's comment's section's version of a troll. And if its not, then well they can rest assured the boys will be bringing the girls down soon, one way or another.


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