Friday, January 05, 2007

A measure of success

What is your measure of success ? Do you measure your success upon how much you earn ? Your intelligence ? Your good looks ? Perhaps even how good your partner looks ?

Are you satisfied fully by any of the above measures of success ?

It is highly unlikely that you are.

People set goals, and then they either achieve them or they don't. This should NOT be your measure of success. Whether you pass a test or fail it should not affect how you look upon yourself. The simple fact that you have DONE the test should be your measure of success.

I've found the most content people to be people who live by that way of thinking.

Some people like to travel the world, other's like art, and want to see much of it. Still others prefer trying to design new things e..g inventors and pioneers. Other's may want to climb the corporate ladder simply so they can boast they have done so. What will eventually matter the most though is not what you have GOT, but what you have DONE.

Feminism caused the majority of women to think that without careers, they would never be happy. This COULD have been true, but what they forgot (e.g deliberately) to tell those same females was that, by having a career they were less likely to find a providing man, and run an effective household. INSTEAD they shouted the mantra of "You can have it all!". Which of course anyone with even a grain of common sense would immediately realise was IMPOSSIBLE. This was a most evil and cruel trick they played on women, who naievely proceeded to stampede the workforces and lower wages, whilst at the same time skyrocket house prices and drive up the cost of living. Yes, big business had won 10-0 that day, because all along they knew they were going to make a profit, and we must never forget the power of money, so much so that I'm driven to ask even myself 'What could I be brought for ?'

Ten-thousand quid maybe ?

Forty thousand ?

A million ?

Indeed what would someone have to pay you for you to speak out against common sense ?

It is for this very reason we have,

Heads of human resource departments
Police officers who don't actually police anything.
Corrupt Judges
Corrupt Media
Famous Feminist's
even Celebrities can be bought for a price when needed.
A minister for women ?!?

I could go on, but I won't for the sake of boring you too much.


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