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To backtrack, and instinct ?

A recent post of mine concerning a misogynist article in the times newspaper, has seen many men post intellligent opinion's in the comment's section of the article.


As I expected the women reacted without explanation or justification, they reacted purely upon instinct. This absolutely shows how brainwashed the women of the 21st century truly are. And guess what ?! It's your job to try and correct this. Now, I've heard many people scorching on about how this is women's problems, and how they must deal with it, but, and I'm sorry to say that two letter word, BUT, as men, yes, men, it is our duty to once again be the "fixers".

Ever had an argument with someone where you just KNEW you were right ! Though somehow at the time you just couldn't quite put into words what you wanted to say. "If only I've have said this" you would recall, "Maybe if I'd have said SOMETHING" you realised. But the fact of the matter is.........You didn't. No. You didn't say diddly squat when the time came to it, you flapped it and flew off. Well now is the time of your reckoning friends of men, because as they official keeper of this most awesome of blogs, I would like to give you a new command ! Yes, a new one ! All you married folks out there get ANOTHER command on top of the current 200 from your walking twat, sorry, wife. What is my new command, I hear my servants greedily ask ? My new command ladies and gentleman is to COMMENT ! Indeed, COMMENT all you can, on every article there is ! Did you know that on average an article in the times recieves 24 comments ? Did you also know that (and no I can't prove this but just read.) popular men's blogs receive THOUSANDS of visitors per day, on average. Now if i were to just put two an two together I might here come up with FOUR ! Or in better case FOUR THOUSAND. Imagine that, eh folks, one thousand comments from angry Mra's in every newspaper article there was. Now that would grab attention.

SO do it PUNKS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here’s your typical man
– probably 99.9% are of this type. (or close)

He wants a loving, peaceful relationship with an attractive woman – one that keeps herself up and makes him proud and goes to do things with other people he cares about. She enjoys his friends and the fun and excitement and rivalries around the sports games – she likes country or classic rock music, and dancing to it – she is gentle and harmonious and she tremendously enjoys their times together – at home as well as out on the town. She likes biking, motorcycling, camping and fishing. He will either be in love with her or on the way to that. He will think that automatically she will love him as well.

She does not harangue or nag him toward marriage or having babies – in most cases – the guys don’t want babies at all or if he does – at least not for a number of years.

They are very happy RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE AT THIS TIME AND WANT IT TO GO ON INDEFINITELY. From here – there’s nothing that could be made any better and to stay right here indefinitely would be the guys choice.

BUT SORRY GUYS – that’s not where the woman is and not what she’s going to do.

She is compelled to get a marriage and have babies, and she wants to do it right away. Even in the first month after marriage, she wants to become pregnant, and she will continue having and wanting babies until you have 5 or 6 – IF YOU DON’T SCREAM – STOP!!!! Once you get her stopped (if you can) - when her biological clock starts running out – she will want 2 or 3 more babies.

She has a method and she works it as fast as she can, but let me tell you – almost no woman wants an adult relationship which is what most men want. Almost no woman gives a rat’s A** about whether you need or want sex, or anything else you need – once she has the legal hooks in. There are a very few that are better or even good – and we’ll discuss them later.

That raises questions about whether women or relationships or marriage are worth anything at all and I can’t say they are, because so many have proven to be a disaster for the man in the relationship – often legally tied to support a woman and kids he didn’t really want, and for many years – while she often is with another man, making babies that he will have to support. OR – she will get very fat and sit around watching TV all the time and raising HER kids and at the same time berating you for being a lout and not making enough money to support her and the kids she has in the way that she thinks she deserves. She will be a person you come to hate and looking at her in the morning will almost cause you to heave – and this is that pretty, slim thing you use to love being with – and having sex with. Now you don‘t want it and that may be one of the reasons she lets herself go because the only reason she wants to have sex with you (or someone) is to get pregnant. I know a woman whose email address is born2bearbabies@ - you get the picture.

This compulsion to get a meal ticket and have babies is so strong – I’ve seen it in 8 of my buddies, myself and 2 very close friends. Several were trapped by a pregnant girlfriend (possibly someone else’s baby) others were rushed into marriage to keep getting sex (they thought) and then the wife, who was supposed to be on pills – says: “I’m pregnant, the pill must have messed up – or your condom must have broken” - anything to cover that she deliberately became pregnant by you or someone else. Keep in mind that any baby she has is still 50% hers, so if she has support and sperm, why should she care whose baby it is.

She will start her analysis of you at work, in a bar, sportsbar or at a party. You will notice two very friendly and interested eyes watching you wherever you are.

When you and your buddys cheer for a football team, you’ll see her there because she planned it that way. She’ll be smiling and clapping for YOUR TEAM – and looking at you. She would naturally have an inside track if she was a fan of your favorite team and she knows it. In reality she could care less about any sport or anything else except to make a successful hit on you. She has already done her preliminary analysis of you and you passed. She may be working several guys at once so watch to see if she is also looking at others the same way. Later and not much later she will want to know where you work, what you make, what kind of car you have, and if you have credit cards, and some women don’t even try to hide their extreme interest in getting married – not having fun, but getting married. You might be ceremoniously DUMPED if your car and finances don’t measure up. See, in the bar she has only your manner of dress and behavior to judge you by, she hasn’t seen how you live or how you drive., or what your finances are.

My experiences over many years and the almost exact experiences of my friends bear out that women do not love men. WOMEN DO NOT LOVE MEN! They love themselves and possibly babies – some say the babies are a meal ticket and possession and little more. I don’t know on that. Men love women and when they choose to have them – children.

IF this woman decides you are IT, you will find the sex great for awhile – as she works hard to get her hooks in you. In order to get you to marry – she has to convince you that she loves you. She will say, during your sex – I really, really love you – wanting and expecting you to say it back – and you might – even if you don’t mean it – we men say a lot of things when wanting sex or having sex. She will be saying to you that “our relationship isn’t really going anywhere” - you’ll ask what she means and tell her you though the two of you were having a great time. She’ll says “yes, we are but it’s time to take it to the next level” You’ll hear that one a lot – she has a whole bunch of levels that never end – one after another they come down the pike.

Once you are saying “I love you too” – she’s ready for the next part of the maneuver. It’s to say “if you love me as you say you do – don’t you think we should be making a commitment to each other?” If you way it’s too early, she might back off for a bit so you won’t dump her, or she might push harder, depending on the type of person she is and how much above her status you are as a male. Women from a lower economic status will give you more time than an office worker in your office who makes near what you do. But, with all of them – she will begin holding back on sex, saying she has a headache, is tired or that maybe we’re having sex a little too much, and what are you – some kind of pervert? Or one I’ve heard a lot when things weren’t going the way they wanted them to “do you think I have the morals of an alleycat?”

All the while, the hint will be out there that if you make a commitment, sex will be fine – as much and as often as you want.

You’ll find it harder and harder to get sex from her and if you fall for the maneuver, you will make a commitment to marry her. Next she will start pushing for a date to be set. And as you delay, the sex will begin to dry up again.

Some women are so compelled to have babies right away, they don’t even wait to work you - one said she has no plans to mess around – she flat out asks a man she meets in a bar – do you want kids? If he can’t answer that –she’s off – if he says yes – she says “when.”

Any man that would want to get into a deal like that – regardless of what she looked like – would have to be crazy.

So, lets say you are engaged but things aren’t going along fast enough for her – one day she says she’s pregnant!!! That will knock your socks off – she’ll say she loves you dearly and it’s yours and she would never want a baby with another man. In reality it may well be another man’s baby. She’s working on making you feel guilty and she will tell all your friends or if at work your coworkers will think you’re a jerk if you dump her then. It’s always the man’s fault when they get pregnant. And if you tell her to get an abortion, she’s say that’s MURDER and she never would get an abortion – translated – she wants that baby.

So – you marry her. That’s when the babies start to pop out like popcorn! Whether it’s genetic, societal, or what, 99.9% of all women think the whole show is 1. You get born, 2. You grow up 3. You get married, 4. You have kids 5. You die ! With them it’s a dolly from birth to the grave if they can. Older women live for their kids and could usually care less about their husband.

So now we’ll get to that exception. While not common, many older women don’t want to live alone and will get married and make a fine companion and then often they really do love the man. Sometimes a younger woman really doesn’t want kids – very rare but it does happen, and she will marry and learn to love a man. But your chances of finding that are about 1 tenth of 1 percent.

Many men actually do want kids, but after a few years of a loving adult relationship. They probably would be the ones that would allow the woman to have babies and she will, but they will also have to put the brakes on because the woman usually won’t.

Women usually want to stay home and let the man bring all the money home and often the get so slovenly that they couldn’t get a job anyway so the guy doesn’t ask them to. Most women will become proficient in their jobs so they can stay near men who they might want to marry, but
as soon as they can, and often even if they are not married – they will quit their good paying corporate jobs and go home and get on welfare so they can have babies and/or be with the babies they already have. Such women could care less about business – they only care about having babies.

SO – is this popping out babies, because they are incredibly lazy and having babies allow them to stay home while we men fight with the elements in the work place – or is it just the compulsion to bear babies that cause it or some of both.

Either way it’s total disaster to the men that are involved.

Men have a need for sex and they want it and they have a right to get it anyway they can – as long as they don’t force a woman.

They’re lying to you to advance their agenda – you have every right to lie to them to advance yours.

Be smart and get a vasectomy, so they can’t nail you on the pregnancy, including sometimes – a false pregnancy. Don’t tell anyone you got one – not even your best buddies or brother –because it will find it’s way out there and you’re not of interest then to any female.

Also – don’t ever say you don’t want babies, just say after several years of a loving relationship, I might consider marriage and up to 4 kids. Trust me, she will never stay with you for several years without marriage and kids and if she dumps you – that fine – there are a whole bunch of other women waiting to play the same game – but you will have some great new sex for awhile again.

By the time they leave you – or you dump them because they are nagging you – it’s time to end that relationship anyway. And remember, they don’t love you – no matter how much you love them or how much money you have. Read some case histories – download the Male Action Network Ebook at

– copy and share it – your friends will thank you.

Lots of beautiful bikini photos in there too. MajorHart


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Anonymous wonderlander said...


If you've got a sweet girlfriend matching the Dream paragraph, why not marry her sometimes when you are sure you're not going to quit or let her go?

And if she doesn't want to haunt the man wherever he goes,
or to get married,
or to have babies (maybe soooometiiimes laaateeer when there has been some years of trust and fun together),
or to get out of shared interests into routine,
or to quit job (provided that she treasures your company even as much as to get married and have children with you), -
why call her names and dedicate so much Web space to arguing that she such-and-such ought to?

...And I always thought it's both parents who should have love and care for their children...

...and that no trust - why stay... can a "normal" man be pressed into marriage with a woman he doesn't want to marry?! for the reason he treasures sex with a woman he doesn't like around?! - too incomprehensible for my "female logic". can a "normal" woman insist on making babies by a man who doesn't want them?! and doesn't even trust you they are his?! - maybe I'm not woman enough.

Crabbed old Natalia from Ukraine
(alas, same nonsense in my country, only without gender militarism).

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