Friday, January 12, 2007

I blame feminism !

I came across an interesting woman in the pub last night, she was blithering on about how woman are the victims of quite literally EVERYTHING. You name it, she was oppressed by it.

However what struck me was that 'feminism' was included in her list of oppressive 'things'. *SHOCK*, *HORROR*, I gasped, what could possibly be going on in that woman's mind if she believed both the patriarchy AND feminism to be oppressing her ! In silent thought I sat there listening and contemplating just what made such a woman tick, examining her every word for signs of a strange alien sentience residing within her foul hide.

What did I find ?

To put it simply, a mask.

Everything she said was a masked detour from what she actually wanted to say, or at least that's what I could conclude after two pints, twenty fags, and a headache's worth of listening to her. She WAS in fact a self professed feminist ! She deliriosly thought that the 'patriarchy' had overrun the leadership of the feminist machine and was now choosing to reverse her 'freedoms'.
I sat sniggering away for a while at the above notion and came to the obvious conclusion that she was in fact a total headcase. Strange thing is though, the women listening to her were nodding in agreement, as if they had all just uncovered a mass conspiracy ! I began to drift into what at the time, seemed like a dream, full of foreign languages, and narcisstic women revelling in their own disgust. Until, I was awoke by the following sentence, "I blame men" snorted the woman, "They're responsible for all evils in this world why not this one too?" she continued.

My pint shuddered, and my twenty-first cigarette seemed to light itself, a sense of pure anger flamed inside of me. I awaited the answer from her friends....."Men aren't that bad" replied one, "They just can't seem to do anything right, its not their fault". To that another interrupted, "And whose fault is it then, cause it sure ain't mine". And back into the dreamland I drifted, whilst five women were arguing over whether or not men or women were responsible for more evil in the world.

I awoke a second time with the sound of my own voice, "I blame feminism !" I screeched. But to no reply. No reply came because this time I found myself awaking in my own room at my house, with noubt but the walls to hear me. I must have got so pissed and bored whilst listening to those twats last night that I just stumbled all the way home and forgot completely the relavence of my encounter.

As I began to remember though, my conclusion to the whole situation arose, DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH ANY WOMEN WHO SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THEY ARE OPPRESSED !

And as a man I thought I would share this controversial idea with other men. It's called MGTOW, its not a religion, it's not political, it's not a grand money making scheme (Though it may benefit you in that way), no, it is none of these, for MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way is a way of life, a lifestyle if you like. And one that seems the only lifestyle choice men can 'choose' if they are to succesfully succeed in our post-modern, socialist, democratic, but most of all SHITE society.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Women are not happy unless they are unhappy. It has been that way from the beginning.

Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

8:38 pm  
Anonymous thirtyplus said...

Feminism is indeed a problem.

But there are ways and methods of subverting what feminism has wrought and making it work for YOU :)

See my blog for more info.


4:32 am  
Anonymous amos said...

Feminism was never about equality, it was about gaining special treatment for women. The rot started in the 1960s and now MEN are having to put society back together. It was ever thus.
I have written a short booklet outlining the problem called "I Blame Feminism". (Great minds think alike!) It's a free ebook in pdf format and can be downloaded free on several sites. Probably the best is which has a special literature section with books for men and boys. It's all FREE.

10:04 pm  

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