Thursday, February 01, 2007

Debt Britain

'Live for today' Britons plunging into debt

This article points out what many already know to be true, Britain is buggered, simple as.

I know its not really a gender related article, but I did notice that they failed any mention of who the biggest consumers and most in debt people in britain just happen to be i.e the female gender, y'know those "can have it all" women who think money grows on trees, or more correctly, on men.

This article also confirms mine and many others suspicions that the elite may be preparing to 'reduce' the economy as such. I mean, if we're all struggling with debt, we won't really notice the other 'minor' things going on in the world that our totally corrupt governments are upto. How clever that they would deceive us in such a way, methinks us English have some waking up to do before we are well and truly slaves to money (and therefore those that control it).


Blogger Field Marshall Watkins said...

In my view the banks are doing to the people what the international banks do to countries. They spread their evil control through the monetary system. Debt means control. And I agree, the elites are gearing up for a massive power grab of peoples freedom. This can seen with the oyster card, ID cards, schools fingerprinting children, 5 million CCTV in London alone and others. Not including the constant attack on men by the media, education systems, workplace, courts. In fact, everywhere. To quote The Who. "Life ain't easy for a young man these days."

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