Thursday, February 01, 2007

Daring women

Sienna's 'pants over tights' combo sets trend

"Fashion experts say Sienna was actually wearing "micro shorts" which are tipped to be a big trend this summer. "

Micro shorts ? What on earth are women going to do next, just parade around in their underwear ! Of course what's funny is that IF it ever comes to that, you will still hear the famous rhetoric "pervert" emanating from their lips as they simply cannot understand that they might be provoking male sexuality. Stupid little chickens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic I know but very important!! So called anti-femhag Verlch has BANNED SOME MRA'S FROM HIS BLOG BECAUSE HIS REGULAR FEMHAG CUNT POSTERS DISAGREE WITH THEM!!.. THAT IS CORRECT. A mangina who calls himself Verlch has started moderating and keeping Mikeeusa and the infamous Martha from posting because of camplaints from some WHINING CUNTS. hERE IS THE ADDRESS...HTTP://VERLCH.BLOGSPOT.COM/.
Please go to his so called "men's rights" blog and let the pussy know what you think of his traitorous ass. He is pathetic!!

2:14 am  
Anonymous shelley said...

You know i was on you tube on a Domestic Violence video, only to discover that the Video was under an alias name from Verlch. I got attacked for just being a woman & stating that the support for women victims of Domestic Violence was good for it's support, the venerable Verlch started bible punching me on that video and was adamant & insistent that women should be submissive! I have a Diploma in Criminology and he was attcking me for that too. I checked his profile also and with posts being deleted then put back on, then of course not all posts were put back on. He was actually victimising me! Well, i stood up for myself, but seems as he was the one behind the scenes controlling such posts & deleting them, what's the point?. Verlch is not honest, with narcisstic tack tics, he posing as other posters too on you tube. Also a Guy came under fire from Verlch, he was another poster that found his posts were being deleted too, as he was a guy in support of women victims of domestic violence. Verlch is dishonest, a propogandist and as for his bit in the realms of criminology, well the venerable Verlch is completley off his head! if he had a brain, he'd be dangerous!

5:59 pm  

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