Monday, February 19, 2007


So you've only just arrived onto the men's rights scene and you're looking for work. "Welcome to the employer's office", a friendly gentleman says, he will direct you to the different directors rooms depending upon which form of work you'd like to do for MGTOW.

You stroll past door one. Its a large blue door with posters of pop stars all over it, and in huge letters you spell out the word INFORMATION written atop of the frame. You ask MR X what work that would involve you in, he turns to you and says "Go in and see for yourself". So you casually open the door and step inside only to be blown away by a myriad of geeky looking gentleman in the corner who look like they couldn't have slept in years. "Who are they?" you ask, "We've got various nicknames for them" he replies, "But most heard of is either 'The apostles of MGTOW' or 'Santa's little bloggers' ". You look at they're worn out faces as they continue to frantically finish post after post of poetically beautiful updates to their websites and blogs. "I'll give that one a miss" you say to MR X, as you both politely nod and exit the dimly lit room.

Further down the corridor are two more doors, both smaller in size and yet being a soothing nature-green colour to look at at, again having their title atop of the door frame you read: ADVERTISING. With a strangely familiar logo underneath, looking rather like this......

You enter into this room to find hundreds, possibly thousands of posters, leaflets, and scripts of television adverts just littering the desks and sofa's as if unused. "We haven't acquired a director of advertising yet" moans MR X. "We realise it's a little harder to manage but we can't fathom why people can't see the literal benefits all this stuff would bring to the movement" he continues, "I'm not sure" you reply with a curious look on your face. "Let's have a look at the other rooms first". So you both stumble past the clutter and out of the room.

Down the corridor are three more doors, with the first being a highly polished door with the title AID WORK. Without asking you boldly enter the room and see different groups of men talking to each other each in their own booth's. It looks more like a mortgage lender than an office for MGTOW. You query "What are they doing ?", and MR X explains "The men you see crying over there are all either father's or Husbands who've had rude awakenings, lost everything they had in a divorce and/or been stripped of their children. And the men in suits behind the desks are known as comforters. They're job is to bring hope and comfort to the real victims in the gender wars. And they do this by introducing them to the men's rights movement and opening their eyes to all that is going on in society. They are all looking for answers, and wherever they are, whether it be in bars and pubs, restaurants or hotels, the aid workers spread the gospel of MGTOW with astounding effect, and then, like you, they are bought back here to find them work in ushering in the utopia". "So all they do is talk to people?" you ask again, "Yes" Mr X confirms, "And they're bloody good at it too!".

You spend another minute or so looking around the room and feeling a strange sense of duty, almost a higher purpose to your being here. You wonder to yourself indeed what your world might look like if and when MGTOW takes power, what rules and laws would be enforced ? Would the monetary system change at all ? Just what would become of feminist's ? Would women still be metaphorically equal ? And the list goes on and on, but its only exciting to imagine it, so you certainly don't stop.

Finally you exit the room and head towards the end of the hall which seems to have widened much since you started out, you now arrive at one big church style door that has two notices either side each reading, and one even speaking the word : ACTIVISM.

You step inside a little more cautiously than before and are met and greeted by a small thuggish looking man who asks, "So you wanna be an activist then my man !". You fail to answer as your mind is surrendered to the amazing pictures floating on walls beside you.....

"Wow!!" you utter under your own breath. "These are the front line troops" explains the little guy next to you. "Whatever the computers can't do these guys go an do it in the outside world, they're brave, highly enraged at the matriarchy and will stop at NOTHING until their voice is heard. The recruits themselves come and go, we've had days where activism is happening everywhere and days where there are NO activist's at all. It all depends on how much you believe you are being wronged I suppose". Mr X then steps in and says, "We all know that feminism has destroyed millions of families, we all know they were NEVER about equality but about supremacy, we also know that even when almost every workplace is biased to favour females, men are STILL fighting through, what does this tell you about the strength within men? Forget all the crap you heard as a child about how women care for the family and men care for the money, that's baloney! Women AND men these days care only for themselves, and FEMINISM is the cause of their selfishness. Things have never been perfect but without any doubt I'm sure you'll agree things have got worse over the years since feminism was born?". "That's why I'm looking for work dude!", you cry out to Mr x.
"WELL WHATS IT GONNA BE THEN SIR ?"..............................
"I'll go with door number _ please" you reply.
"Work starts next Monday, hours are your own, but try to work as often as possible please, its for the greater good of course."
As you walk back down the hallway recalling all that you've seen and heard you hear a loud screeching coming from underneath you. "wtf!!" you say to MR X, "Oh don't worry sir, that's only Greer an pals bitching away again. Well, we couldn't let them fucks carry on now the age of MGTOW has arrived, so we locked um up and now take pleasure in listening to their cry for help ! ".


Blogger Jared said...

How come there are no comments for this? It's criminal. This shit is deep. Hey man, keep fighting. Those femcunts are really worried, so we must be on to something.

11:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved this right until the last paragraph, when I thought "what?", it's just making a complete u-turn in my eyes but maybe I'm not seeing something. Anyone care to enlighten me?

12:12 am  

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