Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sexist Incest ?

German Brother, Sister Who've Had 4 Children Together Fighting Incest Laws

Now whilst this article truly sickens me and I am in NO way in support of incest, I would like to point out one glaringly obvious bit of under reported sexism this article unintentionally uncovers.

Patrick Stubing and his sister Susan — who grew up separately — have had three of their children taken into foster care.

Sounds perfectly fair at this point doesn't it ? Until..............

Stubing spent two years in prison for incest and faces another jail term unless the legislation is overturned

Erm....what !? Patrick spent two years in prison for incest ? What prison term did she get ? Oh wait she didn't even go to court ! That's right because although i'm not knowledgable at all in law terms, but one can only conclude after reading the above that this crime only applies to MEN.

I'm going to re-word the article and see if get's more attention......

Patrick stubing and his sister Susan - who grew up separately - have recently been caught robbing a bank and murdering two witnesses.

Patrick killed one witness shortly after the raid on a high street bank in shitville, whilst Susan murdered another almost a week later after hearing news of the witness reportedly claiming he knew who had commited the original offense.

Patrick is spending life in jail for two counts of murder and armed robbery. Susan is currently being required to say sorry to all her victims family's then she will be set free as the judge ruled she was mentally incapable of saying no to her husband patrick, also her brother......


Blatant sexism !

Even in the most disgusting of forms !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is actually because Patrick is seven years older than Susan and she was sixteen when their first child was born. She couldn't be jailed, but he could.

6:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder you go by the screen name 'Foever male'- you're such a misogynist! Try talking about things you know instead of trying to stir people up. Ignorant twat.

1:04 am  
Anonymous Boudica said...

Ignorant twat who just posted above - you seem to think that "misogynist" is some kind of final answer in an argument. Is that how you win arguments with your eunuch boyfriends? Just stamp you foot and threaten to pout?

What kind of a moral idiot do you have to be that the brother and sister both committed the same crime? Please let us know. You do think htat women can become real adults and have moral agency, don't you? Tell us all how you're not the real misogynist here.

4:17 am  
Anonymous He said...

Bizarre sentencing. Not to mention that in light of the fact that there are children to be looked after, prison seems a somewhat inappropriate punishment.

It was his fault they fell in love with each other? This is the kind of courtly love vs equal rights mix up that is behind many of these problems.

1:49 am  
Anonymous J said...

It's true that the sister was underage but the brother wasn't, and so it makes perfect sense for different consequences to be dealt to each. If she was 23 but he was 16 then she'd've been the one in jail.
Why give anyone an easy way to pick on your arguments and accuse you of being shrill and reactionary? Argue sexism when it's sexism - not when it's not.

9:22 am  

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