Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Way to online date ! not.

Why I Don't Do "Dutch"

Found this article from a general comment left on Duncan's blog. It's hilarious, in that it's supposedly dating advice but it turns out that its nothing more than some selfish cow who evidently doesn't know the meaning of the word prostitution. I've already touched on the modern females apathy of said meaning in my post about valentines day.

For starter's at least this cow is honest !

I only want to be considered "equal" when it's to my

Thanks for letting me know !

On the job, if I do the same work, have the same credentials, and comparable tenure to my male peer, I want to be paid the same. Bottom line.

I notice even she has to add the 'ifs' in there, its almost as if she knows herself that she never actually does the same amount of work as her male peers. It's strikingly similar to me saying "I've never actually played football, but if I turn out to be good at it, then give me beckham's wages please."

On a date with a guy, I reserve the right to have different “Standard Operating Procedures.” If he asks me out, I expect him to pay. If he wants to win me over, I expect to be wooed, whined and dined. Period.

And these 'standard operating procedures' of yours wouldn't happen to involve firstly losing all common sense and secondly selling yourself to the highest bidder (assuming there are any bidders at all for this bitch-piece of humanity). You say 'if he wants to win me over', well I must ask what that actually means, y'know, it wouldn't happen to mean have sex with you would it ? I mean what else could you be referring to. And of course most of all I'd like to ask WHAT if ANYTHING will YOU do in order to win HIM ? Would I be correct in saying your response to that would go something akin to this, "me Me ME!!!!". Or maybe if you did have a grain of intelligence you'd reply to me with that same'ol same'ol response "I like Traditional men!". If either of the above are true then I must conclude that your 'standard operating procedures' are indeed 'standard' for the following types of people, bitches, Ho's, hooker's, prosies, weirdoes, female scientist's and of course feminist's.

Some folks might find my way of thinking to be contradictory or crazy.

I'm without doubt one of those people !

I say that a guy has no right to expect me to give him "dessert" just because he gives me dinner. Or anything else. My affections can’t be bought.

LOL !!! I'm sure your fellow feminasties are screaming hallelujah at the above statement. Problem is, all within just one sentence you have managed to contradict yourself. You say that the guy has 'no right' to 'expect' dessert just because he gives you dinner, then surely I must ask what 'right' you have to 'expect' that he buy you dinner in the first place? And as for ''my affections can't be bought'' that's nonsense as what your implying here is that not only do you want him to spend money on you, you actually want him to waste it ! And receive nothing in return. When he is buying your dinner, do you expect him to do it out of generosity, or chivalry ? Tell me ? What's in it for HIM ! Nothing I suppose, as that probably didn't even enter your brainwashed skull did it ?

I see it as a "chivalry" thing.

Seems I was right ! And while were on this topic of chivalry, I'd like to query whether this will apply to you being chivalrous as well. Are you gonna cook and clean for him ? Are you going to be the 'traditional woman' to the traditional man that you demand ? If not why not ? Maybe I'm reading too far into this and you are simply just a female supremacist who believes women to be some sort of 'higher being's' who men should act 'chivalrous' to while you do nothing but whinge "Where are all the good men?". Pathetic.

Which begs the question — Is finance integral to romance? Should the two happily coexist? When dealing with the expenses of dating, who pays for what? And when?
The issue seems to get trickier these days as women become more liberated, and many earn more than their potential mates.

So when men earned more than women it was SIMPLE, but now women are earning more than men it's TRICKIER.................

How revealing !

One thing's for sure, there needs to be more dialogue dealing with this issue, as misunderstandings typically cause blooming relationships to fizzle fast.

Trust me darling, if everyone took your advice, there would be NO relationships in existence as men would run a mile from any woman who expected anything like what you expect.

How this woman ever got into the dating columnist business I will never know ! Oh wait, I've answered my own question, she is a WOMAN after all.

MEN ! Don't marry, don't cohabit, boycott relationship's and watch your life hit an all time high !


Blogger Save Men's spaces said...

Although, your blog raises several important issues, it is slightly demeaning towards women. there are many roles of women when she is worshippable -- like the role of a mother.

However, when imposed on men, women can become pain in the neck, and that is what is happening in the western societies.

Whatever, I really like your final advice. You hit the dot:

"MEN ! Don't marry, don't cohabit, boycott relationship's and watch your life hit an all time high !"


10:51 am  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

it is slightly demeaning towards women.

So fucking what. Women have blogs and websites that demean men. Do you protest over there as well?

7:31 pm  
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Anonymous dating said...

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