Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A new sidebar section, courtesy of women !

Well, what a day this has been, I came straight home from work and jumped on the comp to update the blog, but before doing so, I had a quick read around some fellow Mra blogs and stumbled across something quite flabbergasting !

In fact so flabbergasting that I've been forced to redo my entire sidebar because of it !

Yes you all know what it is, I've added a new section entitled "Women against feminism" because as is becoming increasingly obvious, more women are actually making their own stand against the modern nazi-impersonator's we've come to call feminist's.

I'm certainly not gonna shout with joy until I've finished browsing through their blog's but, from what i've read so far, its seems excellent, so I must like to say just for my own sick humor.....

"Go get em girls!"


Blogger A Feminist's Nightmare said...

Hey, thanks for doing that, actually I have to thank for that Ladies against feminism website, other than it's obviously religious side, it is an amazing site, hope many other women/girls will have a look at it. Very useful.

I'll have to check your homemaker's pages too, to see how they are.

4:46 pm  
Blogger Mercurior said...

i have been talking incessantly about mens rights to a lot of so called feminists, and quite a few have seen the truth, and they have become equalists. everyone is equal, a lot of the feminist people think women are better than men.

BTW, thanks for putting the transcript of the genderwars on your blog.

9:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to you that these women do not believe what they are saying? That they simply take our side out of pragmatic choice; they perceive us as having more to offer them. And that they will not hesitate to stab us in the back the moment it suits their purposes?

Why is entry into the MRA movement free for these women, I've not seen one be made to prove her beliefs are real yet!

Also why has their never been any suggestion of a penalty for women who have shown feminist tendencies?

I mean its ok to "see the light" but it's not ok to think seeing the light get you out of being responsible for your actions. Those girls that are just maturing now and have never been feminist are ok (though I would still ask what they have done to support the men around them or men in general as most women see fit to belittle men whether they are feminist or not, but that’s a separate rant) but those women who are only spouting MRA friendly speech now that they find themselves 30+ and unwanted are obviously running game for their own benefit. And we make a mockery of our stand for dignity if we just hand a free pass to any who ask for it.

1:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my take on this. Women who are not brain dead are seeing what is happening and realize, that trust is dead between Men and Women. That Feminism is the root cause of it. And that it is impacting their lives in a very real and negative sense.

The fraud of Feminism cannot be propped up forever. Recent data on Marriage to Foreign Women in the US, the Marriage Strike are showing US Women are being rejected by US Men. The only way this will change is if WOMEN not Men demand change.

The Laws, Culture, political Parties, Churches, Colleges, Schools must stop the War on Boys and Masculinity.


6:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, there are no women against feminism. They are just trying to pander to men. Ask yourself this question: When feminists get laws passed (VAWA, Title 9, Affirmative Action etc...), then where are the women against feminism? What woman has spoken out against these things. It takes a hell of a lot more than just hating Germaine Greer to join the fight against feminism. When I see women picketing to allow boys more sport money in schools I'll believe, when I see women marching against Domestic Violence laws, I'll believe. When I see women publicly state that men should earn more money and receive preference for jobs because they are providers, then I'll believe in "women against feminism".

9:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am one of those side bar women-at-home blogs. Every day I get 10 ridiculous comments from feminists. They say the same old dumb things over and over. They call me stupid, call me names, etc. and there is not one intelligent thought between the lot of them. They got a college education for this? No wonder women at home are educating their own children in home schools. We don't want our daughters to become what is coming out of those colleges. I have to sign anonymously so they won't come over in hordes today. When they post on my site, all my friends start answering anonymously just to keep them off their blogs. I addressed them in a special post to new comers, which explains a little more. It is on the left of my blog www dot home living dot blogspot dot com. I think I covered all their objections in that post.

5:06 pm  
Blogger What is the Marriage Strike? said...

I do believe some women really are opposed to the gyno-fascism but just like the germans who waged a secret war against the Nazi's, they're really damn rare. For those few I would feel great sympathy, it must be hard to stand against the relentless hive of gyno-thought telling them it's "us against them" and I imagine the real ones are virtual outcasts.

By the way your link has been added to my site:

A linkback would be appreciated.

2:59 am  
Blogger Masculist Man said...

The anonymous poster urging caution in accepting females who appear to be friendly to our cause makes a very good point. I've seen feminists pretend to be MRA's just for a laugh and had their friends join in so I'm not one to welcome them with open arms because you might as well welcome them with open asscheeks too so they can fuck you. I've never trusted women who claim to be MRA's because feminist or not they still have that elitist attitude. Besides when do women go against the pack? Women have a herd mentality. It's like the anonymous poster said,when they march for men's rights I'll believe and not until then.

6:20 pm  
Blogger LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

Jay, when you get back, could you change my link to "Home Living"? I changed the name because it sounded too much like hamburger helper heh heh. Scroll down on Home Living to the left sidebar. Near the end, I have links for feminists to read and a few articles of my own answering their questions. Thanks, Lydia.

3:37 pm  
Anonymous The Shrug said...

Be they Liberal, Conservative, Pagan, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Muslin, Buddhist, gay, bi, straight, hermaphroditic, black, white, or any other demographic, they just want their turn cracking the whip. I, for one am not convinced. These women need to their whining, shut the hell up, put down the muffin pans, take their Pills, put their pant suits back on and get their pampered asses back to work!

10:41 pm  

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